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Jul 08 2020 10 min. "Guile's one tough fellow, even if our fighting styles are different. Also in the series, Ken becomes smitten with Chun-li to the point where he takes her on a shopping spree and buys her things. 0 Tips. Not as fast as Ryu's, but is still essential to Ken's overall strategy. He also fights barehanded. Ken's Hadouken and Tatsus aren't as good as Ryu's but he has more than enough tools to hold his own. Number 2, walk-up and perform cr.LK>st.LK xx Shoryu Reppa (any level). English voice actor(s) His beloved wife Eliza told him a story about none other than his brother-in-law Guile. If he blocks Adon's H Jaguar Kick, he can easily use his Punch Alpha Counter against it. While his original voice was a re-use of the Ryu audio samples, beginning with Super Street Fighter II Ken's voice was performed by Kenji Haga, who also did his voice in the Street Fighter II anime movie. When Ryu heads to Antartica to search for Pandora, fearing it has a connection with the Satsui no Hado, Ken joins him. Jump to: navigation, search. Later on in the movie Ken tries to leave the fortress during the final battle only to be goaded by Ryu to help the other street fighters take down Shadaloo once and for all. Though born in the United States, Ken is actually only one quarter Anglo-American and three quarters Japanese. This actually can be used against any character that has powerful cc’s like rolento or sagat. If you truly want to beat me, then you might as well bring a tank with you next time. You have the right to name the main character as a character that projects yourself (laughs). Personal After freeing himself from his prison he encounters both Ryu and Chun Li who have been brainwashed by M. Bison. Ken and Ryu are forced to betray the vengeful GNT news-crew (Chun Li, Balrog and Honda) in order to gain Bison's trust, but later try to free them and are captured. In ST, he can be a very tough character to beat if played right with the tools he has and the right mindset. "The hall was overflown with the voice of great joy. Ken Masters (ケン・マスターズ, Ken Masutāzu?) He is also a worrywart when it comes to his family, nearly missing the tournament in Street Fighter IV because he did not want to leave Eliza so close to her due date, and only entered when she assured him she'd be fine. Along the road to proving himself again, he encounters Karin, who tells him she has followed his career and is trying to best her rival Sakura to prove she is superior. Street Fighter. * Medium Kick Helicopter Kick goes slightly farther. One day I was playing maxstah and he kept CCing through my lp DP. ま だ 見 ぬ 強敵 を 求め, ふたたび アレック ス は 旅立っ た. Even his wife doesn't have good things to say about Dan. The battle of this fighting genius continues. Ken's playstyle makes him quite easy to pick up and learn, to the point that he is one of the most used characters in the Street Fighter III and IV series. Hurricane Kick. Characters, Street Fighter - The New Challengers Characters, Street Fighter × Tekken: The Devil Within, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within, Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia Hardcover, Ken's backstory from Street Fighter II Monthly Magazine GAMEST October Extra, ALL ABOUT Street Fighter III The Characters, VHS (007) Street Fighter - Game Simulation Video GSV ストリートファイター, http://www.capcom.co.jp/sfv/chara_ken.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3N0LnodivM, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w74dqHZLLsY, All About Street Fighter III: The Fighting Bible, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B15UXDf64Ps, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike character introductions, https://tcrf.net/Street_Fighter_%28Arcade%29#Unused_Sounds, http://www.polygon.com/a/street-fighter-2-oral-history/chapter-2, https://streetfighter.fandom.com/wiki/Ken_Masters?oldid=230363, As a result of potential lawsuits, Ken was given the last name "Masters" so he would not be confused with, Ken has been playable in every installment of, When fought as a CPU opponent in some games, particularly. Ken, Eliza and Mel are invited to a party hosted by Karin. Ken makes an appearance in the Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover story Worlds Unite, as he was called upon by Chun-Li after hearing about their home world being planned to be taken over by a robot named Sigma, he helped Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li fight against Sigma's army while teaming with Sonic character Knuckles. He is generally kind, friendly, a good person and very easygoing which led him into starting a family of his own. However, Ken remains confident that his best friend will come back. When Ryu returned to normal, the sound of laughter could be heard. Alignment Ryu explains to Ken that deep within him there is a burning rage - a power trying to overcome him. As of 3rd Strike, Ryu has won more fights between him and Ken. (1080p). A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable. Ryu's training partner, Ken, has developed his own style of moves and variations since his clone days of Street Fighter II: World Warrior. If cr.LK x2 is blocked, you have a few options to continue your offense, the first of which is walk-up Tsukami Nage. Not cancelable. Learning the art of Ansatsuken by his best friend's side, Ken adopting a style of … So Mp throw is quite a good tool in this fight. Ken is very solid, naturally, being a shoto, being able to effectively zone, rush, or turtle. In SVC Chaos, he automatically teleports, making it more similar to the Raging Demon. The moves are based on the English controls of the home console version. This move is great for mixing up combos and throwing off a defensive player. B[2][3] The family gets lost on the way to the party and encounter Birdie, who thinks they’re trespassing, resulting in a fight with Ken. Status It was also stated that Ken's theme was originally going to be Guile's. The ST version of Ken has longer start-up on his projectile, making it worse for zoning. Birthplace [2][3] He wears a black belt at his waist and trains barefoot. Ken's name can be seen in a board in the background in Ryu's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ending, where he prepares for a match against Marvel Comics character Mr. X. Afterwards, he and Eliza wonder about why Ryu isn't at the party. Quick one arm uppercut, good anti-air and cancelable to a special move. After the events of Street Fighter II, Ken is married to Eliza, something he had apparently vowed only to do after winning a decisive victory against Ryu. After all, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Indirectly, this may have caused Sean to look down upon Dan too. One can see that they care for each other and never quarrel. Ryu, next time we'll meet things will be different". ” from, Ken: “Apparently, I’m Ryu’s personal assistant now.” from, Lives on the West Coast of the United States. * Hard Kick Helicopter Kick goes further and faster and does less dizzy. Ansatsuken[11] She already has a small enough sprite box. He thinks, "Yes. He carries a large broken mallet consist of 100 tons to flatten his opponent to deal damage and has three disguises serving as his special attacks (Eg. This article covers all of the special moves of SFII's characters. and from personal EXP, its almost impossible to cross her up. After Ryu and Ken get into a fight with Guile and realize there a lot other stronger fighters out there in the world and plan on going on a world tour together. When I draw, I respect the martial arts user Benny Urquidez. He too spends a lot of time training as well, but not as much as Ryu. n/a Rating. Height https://srk.shib.live/index.php?title=Street_Fighter_Alpha_2/Ken&oldid=170654, Kick AC is easily one of the best ones in the game, Slower fireball compared to the likes of Ryu and Chun. 0 Tips. Chun-Li then leaves to assist Karin in the group's first infiltration. a soccer player, a cowboy outfit while using a horse to knock his opponents and his casual outfit). Martial Arts tournament, which is a new record and offers the trophy to Sean who turns the offer down, wanting to earn it for himself. If she tries to empty jump or jump out of your dp ranges, s.mk will eat her up most of the time as an easy counter. One of kens best features is that his damn mp throw will pratically throw them into corner and it can lead to winning around or good solid life to establish a life lead. Relationship Like Ryu, Ken is aware of the threat Akuma possesses over humanity, but regards him with less caution than Ryu does when fighting him. It can also be used to juggle with the Fierce Shoryuken. Ken is aware of Bison's villainy and seeks to defeat him. 5'11" (180.3 cm) (SFI)[9]5'9" (176 cm) (SFII)[1]5'9" (175 cm) (SFA, SFIV, SFV)[10][2][3][11][12][13] Ken performs 2 Shoryukens in a row, and is completely invincible until the 2nd Shoryuken begins to descend. Or else...? As easy to understand as a flowchart!" His EX Tatsumaki attacks are also revamped (his ground version traveling upwards diagonally and his airborne variation shooting down diagonally). Ken then entered the third World Warrior tournament. Ken is upset that Gouken has not said anything to them, but Gouken counters that they no longer need a master. V-trigger allows him to become a monster; all moves are BUFF and completely change some frame data! n/a Rating . Great character to learn the game with. React container will be here soon... Capcom. The SFIV variant allowed a 17-hit combo if all the moves met their target.. Blanka's Thunder Ken appears as a playable character in several games in the series: Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. They share a very close bond with each other and will help out each other no matter the cost. The series explains how Ken is left under Gouken's wing in order to channel his anger and frustration so he won't cause to much trouble for his father's company. Measurements SHO RYU KEN: Forward, Down, Down/Forward + Punch TATSU MAKI SEN PUU KYAKU: Down, Down/Back, Back + Kick. Street Fighter V promised to put a new spin on Ken's playstyle, featuring a more "in-your-face" approach, much more akin to a rushdown character. In the Street Fighter Alpha series, he would gain another Shoryuken-based Super Combo in the Shinryuken, a vertical spinning Shoryuken with a 'vortex' effect that can be used (sometimes exclusively) in midair. Hk- Best when used when jumping from far away, good priority. Additionally, cancelling the LP version of the roll from cr.LK leaves Ken at range to punish recovery roll, making any recovery rolls unsafe against an aware Ken player. His Final Smash changes depending on the distance to the nearest opponent, so if no one is directly in front of and close to Ken, he performs a Marvel vs. Capcom-styled Shinryuken. Ken reassures the woman's safety. is a video game character and deuteragonist of the Street Fighter series, first appearing in the original Street Fighter. Both he and Sakura begin to travel to find Ryu, but their path crosses with that of Shadaloo dictator M. Bison. If Akuma jumps in the corner, use st.MK or a Shoryuken. In the Street Fighter Alpha series, he had longer hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon. Ryu manages to defeat Ken, but drops his red headband; Ken hands it back to him, figuring he might still need it. Bushin Hassou Ken + Bushin Gourai Kyaku + Bushin Musou Renge (SFA2 Gold) + Ken . Which gives you time to break her down. Master all his moves. Want to be an editor? [citation needed] He was challenging of traditional Karate ways and modified much of his original "Shorin Ryu" style, similar to Ken's modifications that distinguish him from Ryu, a traditional fighter. Ken telling Sean not to return until he defeats Ryu. Quick Step (ATTACK TRIGGERED WITH BUTTON HOLD) V-Skill II. When Ken was about 12 years old, his father, a rich hotel tycoon owner, thought that his son needed to learn about discipline or his son would become a spoiled brat all of his life and try to leech onto the Masters' family fortune. This is a list of all the moves for all nineteen characters in the Street Fighter II series, including their Super Combos added in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The match turned out to be a bit of a let down for Ken, achieving an easy victory over Allen, who used a variant form of Ken's own fighting style. His creative mind allows his fighting style to always stay fresh for new arts on the fly at any given time. Ultimate, Ken made his playable debut; he is an "Echo Fighter" (a cosmetically unique character with different attack animations and voice clips but functionally similar in gameplay and attack data to another character) to Ryu. Later they get involved with Shadaloo in plot to infiltrate their base. Ryu seemed to be on the right track again, but what of him? Blood type After learning that Eliza was pregnant, this renewed Ken's passion for fighting as this gave him a new reason. Later, Ken arrives with the rest of the fighters called by Karin to the Kanzuki Estate, where they plan their first infiltration of the Shadaloo base. * Light Kick Hurricane Kick has a shorter duration. He always gives his opponents (who are friendly rivals) the utmost respect, whether it is his master Gouken, his best friend Ryu or his Capcom vs. SNK rival, Terry Bogard. B110/W82/H86 (SFA)[10][14][15]B114/W82/H86 (SFII, SFIV)[1][2] Basic Controls ===== The Street Fighter II games utilize three buttons - instead of two - for both kicking and punching, so there aren't any triggers directly assigned to grabbing, running, or blocking. In fact, Ken wasn't sure if Ryu knew who he was at all. It hits twice @ 2 different points and cc invincibility only lasts for so long. Currenty, Ken has settled down with his girlfriend, Eliza, but still yearns for a good challenge, and desires a rematch with Ryu. Martial Arts tournament, he had let himself spend too much time with his girlfriend, Eliza, rather than training. This is most useful when your opponent is looking to counter your throw attempts. [19][20] In Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind ,  Ken always assumed that Ryu found him trivial since he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, whilst Ryu is an orphan who at the time lost the man who adopted him. Again though it … 8.1 Custom Combos. st.LP - Quick jab, with small frames advantage, you can walk and do these on any opponent that can't crouch them. [16], Ken could have been inspired by real-life Karate world champion, Joe Lewis. cr.LK x2 can be chained into st.LK which can be cancelled to any level Shoryu Reppa for really good damage. You might land it once or maybe even twice, but never consistently. Sensing his inner conflict, Eliza assures him that she'll be fine and that the baby isn't due for a while yet, so he should go meet up with Ryu and tell him she says hi. When they reach Spain, Ken encounters Vega who develops an attraction to Chun Li and develops a rivalry with Vega. In the original Street Fighter and the first iteration of Street Fighter II, Ken was a clone of Ryu, with only one attack (a throw) appearing to be aesthetically different. 0 Tips. Guile. [21] In contrast to this, Ryu believed Ken was the only one he can reach out to when it comes to his internal struggle with the Satsui no Hado. Like Ryu, he believes in honor, hard work, endurance and discipline. Games . Once you score the AC, the Charlie player will either jump after getting hit, or throw another Boom if your meter is fully depleted. Play VS. matches, with Ken being the 57th character to be unlocked. He has a well rounded arsenal of normals applicable to a lot of situations, namely cr.MK, st.LK and cr.HK. From Shoryuken Wiki < Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early. Ken put his physical and Qigong training to the side so he could fly back to Japan to fight his friend. Sagat appears and, enraged by Bison's actions, engages Ryu in an attempt to break Bison's mental grip on him. It is here that old man tells Ken about the Satsui no Hado. Ken. All Details. If he uses Jaguar Tooth, be sure to counter with a Punch AC or CC. If they roll the combo will come out for a 2 hit and if not only cr.MK will come out. * Aerial Hard Kick Helicopter Kick goes slightly farther… Hurricane Kick. But that's no reason to laugh at him. He retains many of his differences from Ryu, such as a multihit Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, a flaming Shoryuken, his kick Focus Attack from Street Fighter IV and his Turbo Heavy Kick as his Forward Smash Attack instead of Ryu's Joudan Sokutogeri. Ken appears as a playable character in all the games of the Capcom vs. SNK series. Weight Street Fighter Wiki. Ken was originally named after Street Fighter planner, Hiroshi Matsumoto however Hiroshi changed Ken's name to mean "fist" instead during development. Don't forget that I see you not as the most reliable partner but as the toughest rival. Ken's natural hair color is black but he has dyed it blonde. my friend... And this time, there will be only one winner! Ken can really limit Akuma's options by forcing him into the corner. Moveset It is widely believed, though never confirmed, that the name was given to avoid copyright confusion with the character of the same name from Mattel's Barbie toyline. Its a universal strats thats not directly applied to one character but towards the characters that have great cc’s. He never backs down from a fight no matter how difficult it looks. They have a deadly fight in a steel cage match to the death in order for Ken to free Chun-Li from a trance put her in from a love potion. Sakura is a friend of Ken who he met during the Alpha series. After winning, Ken realizes how stressed out his best friend is since his fight with Sagat. After the fight Ken explains to Gouken what happened and Gouken decides to let them pass and allows them to journey to outside world in order to completely master their skills. 3. The official explanation for the loss of the ribbon is that he gave it to Ryu to wear during the events of Street Fighter Alpha 2 (as stated in Ken's own ending); Ryu was distracted during his fight with Ken because he had just fought Sagat and ended up losing. Little jab to the shin, not really all that great range wise. In a rare mood Ryu jokingly replies, "...I could be more confident about our win than before." He returned in Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers as a new character alongside Evil Ryu. In order to effectively counter without sacrificing positioning for a wake up attack, immediately perform cr.MK xx HP Hadouken. In Champion mode you can play through the original Street Fighter II. When a new tournament is announced, Ken is unsure whether to compete, as Eliza is now far along in pregnancy and he doesn't want to leave her. Once you're in a good distance, you can punish Sonic Boom or one of his normals with Kick AC. Sky High Claw Attack: Hold D at least 2 seconds, U, +P . Ken searches all over the South Pole for Ryu, but finds nothing. He is able to free them from their control and team up to defeat M. Bison. If he walks back and start turtling, you want to play more patient and play the fireball war, but slowly edge yourself foward and play solid footsies. Ken's goal is to test his power against many different fighters and strives to become stronger. His moveset, costumes, BGM and more of the . 2.1.1 Throws; 2.1.2 Alpha Counters; 2.2 Special Moves; 2.3 Super Moves; 3 The Basics; 4 Basic Offense; 5 Defensive Notes; 6 Frame Data; 7 Combos; 8 Advanced Strategy. Sometimes they can be sarcastic at each other and trade jabs but are at very good terms. Off of a blocked L or M Jaguar Kick, Ken can consistently cancel cr.MP into Hadouken for a punish. When asked if Ken will make Mel into a martial artist, Ken says it's up to Mel. The MP Shoryu is useful as a wakeup reversal, or as a risky option to catch an opponents extended limbs in the footsie game. One key point is do not jump unless you must. Much easier than ryu because you have some normals that compete with her range. Commands written here are for characters facing right* Normal Throws. Finally there is cr.HK xx LP Zenpo Tenshin. Howard will reprise his role as Ken Masters in the second season, Street Fighter: World Warrior. He was voiced by Scott McNeil in the Street Fighter animated series. Ken is the best friend and rival of Ryu, who has also appeared in all Street Fighter games. Ryu knows the Hadoken, while both he and Ken know the Shoryuken. Ken advanced several rounds in the tournament until he got what he had wished for: a match with Ryu. He states that the Satsui no Hado is a mysterious evil life force that dwells within certain fighters. Introduction ===== Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Move List for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's port of the arcade classic fighting game, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (generally known simply as Street Fighter II). Special Moves Crazy Kick 1. n/a Rating. After the fight, Sean sorts out the misunderstanding by indicating the unconscious Shadaloo soldiers. - One of Ken's Versus Mode win quotes, Gamest Mook Vol. Lewis notably appeared on the the cover of Combat Magazine dressed in red with a black belt. Hp- A fist to the face >_<. After getting defeated in a sparring match to Ken, Ryu tells him that he will join them when his training is complete. Knee Bash (NEAR OPPONENT) or + Hell Wheel (NEAR OPPONENT) + V-Skill I. While on his journey, he simultaneously finds martial artists from around the world with aims of waging a fight against Gill… Fulfilling ambitions of the strongest is never ending.” (世界 の 頂点 を 決める闘い から 1 年. Spaghetti (SFII),[1] Pasta (SFA3, SFIV, SFV),[15] family (SFV),[12] skateboarding,[1][2][3] Characteristics She’ll be less likely to abuse footsie. This version of Ken is also stated to be even stronger than Ryu, defeating Akuma during their battle. Ken's entire moveset would continue to develop around the Shoryuken and multi-hit combos as the series progressed. In the series, Ken and Ryu are depicted during their early days training under Master Gouken. Will Ken be the victor this time? On their journey Ken has faced strong fighters like Fei Long while they are in Hong Kong. "I won, just like usual!" In Street Fighter II V, he was voiced by Jimmy Theodore and in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, he was voiced by Eddie Frierson. In this series, Ken and Ryu are best friends who trained under the same master; he is the 17-year-old son of the extremely rich Masters family. * Hard Punch Shoryuken has bigger arc, always knocks down, juggles for up to three hits, but no additional invulnerability. The multiple hits from the tatsu don't link into a combo, allowing the opponent to simply block or crouch after the first hit and then counter before you land. No details have been stated. Ken gave Ryu the headband to remind him of their fight. They both turned to face the man that had cause Ryu to lose his mind, M. Bison. You can counter his Zankuu ( air ) Hadoukens by walking under and shoryuken'ing him, instant air HK before the fireball actually comes out, block then AC or CC him to pass through and go for a juggle. It's now a 1-hit move, no longer 2-hit. Ken is most easily recognized by his brown sparring gloves (yellow in the Alpha series and red in the EX series) and bright red gi with the sleeves neatly removed, similar to Ryu's (Capcom has said that a red gi was chosen to stand out and to reflect his more flashy style of fighting[citation needed]) and it is usually seen in better shape than Ryu's (except for in the Street Fighter III series), since he can easily afford to keep up with and/or own … Guide. If you post to rec.games.video.arcade, please put "SF2" or "Street Fighter 2" or something thereof in your subject header. A two hit upward angled kick that can be canceled into a special /superon the first hit, super on the second. It lets ken compete on the same footsie level with her to an extent. Alright Eliza, make arrangements for my trip! Ken's signature special move. Its almost impossible to catch someone who knows what they’re doing with kens crossup. Dislikes Ken's gi top now hangs around his waist and he wears a black v-neck training shirt with several red linings in its place. However, Ken believes he is not ready yet and decides to finish his training with Ryu and Gouken. ", Ken sits inside a rainbow by a waterfall and reflects up his past, "Nothing has changed at all since then..." As he thinks about the days when he trained with his friend, he can't remember all of the defeats, but he can clearly see each and every victory. When Guile eventually infiltrates Bison's base and chaos ensues Ryu and Ken try to help free the hostages but split up when the AN forces arrive (according to Ken the soldiers get paid and that they should not risk their lives). A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. After he was done raping me, he told me that mp dp makes it much harder to CC through his AA. Fortunately, Ken uses his master's teachings to mend his body and joins the fight. Eliza Masters (wife)Guile (brother-in-law)Julia (sister-in-law)Mel (son)Amy (niece)Gouken (master)Ryu (best friend/rival)Sean (disciple) Together, they launched an attack on him that sent M. Bison reeling. Unlike his main incarnation, Ken is shown to be greedy and adventurous, looking for all kinds of treasure, keeping up with his role as a con man in the live-action Street Fighter film; Guile even states that Ken views the duties and responsibilities of being on his team as simply meaning he has to "party less". "The winner, Ken Masters! Since Ken is now the father of a child their relationship has deteriorated, after a long time from being home in Japan he is summoned to a hot spring inn, where “There is a guy I want to meet”. With this, Ken finds himself again and is focused once more. Much to Ken's delight, it turned out that he would get such an opportunity in the first round of the first EX tournament. Esepcially when you have bar. Ryu wins and manages to release Ken of Bison's mind control. From mid-range and beyond, throw Hadoukens but be careful of his Tatsus. In SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, he was voiced by Atsushi "Monster" Maezuka, who voiced a number of SNK characters. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, also known simply as Street Fighter II, is a competitive fighting game developed by Capcom and originally released for arcade systems in 1991. He is an alpha male with a giant ego and constantly reminds his opponents about his greatness. "COMPLETE FILE STREET FIGHTER II" Published by Capcom, Released by Asahi Sonorama , December 30, 1992, p. 49. any lvl- c.rh xx lp dp xN, hp dp ender (if not close enough you can use hk hurricane after c.rh instead of the first lp dp). Ken befriended his opponent and smiled. Ultimate)Vincent Tong (Puzzle Fighter) Firstly close range is usually established by landing cr.HK from max range. Ken's Shinryuken. He would definitely make a worthy sparring partner. It's only a matter of time before this soaring dragon reaches the skies before us. Ryu decided to travel the world in order to continue his training, whereas Ken was finally happy to be going back home to the United States after his years of straining his back for his master, Gouken and finally learning the meaning of humility. In Sean's ending, Ken wakes up Sean who was beaten unconscious after being knocked down by his opponent in the first round. Having a Family-Becoming a father of a baby, his relationship with Ryu became a little worse. She controls it but she has to fight out of the corner in which case AC’s come into play and overheads with tick throw mixups. Ken Masters  (同門の友、隆を生涯の好敵手と認め、お互いに強くなつた後に再び会おうと堅い約束を交わし、アメリカヘ武修行に渡つた。) from, "Ryu has the impression that he is good, practical and hard-working, but Ken is a character whose facial expression changes depending on the painter, which cannot be imagined in a specific image. Complete one of the following: 1. Eye color Ryu then proceeds to fight Bison but loses and, just like Ken before him, is turned into a slave of Bison's Psycho Power. Howard reprised his role as Ken in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Street Fighter: Resurrection and Street Fighter: World Warrior. Kens Kick AC is a dominant midrange tool that also does solid damage and is able to punish long reaching normals and projectiles when meter is available. In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix Ken retains most of his moves, his Tatsumaki Sempukyaku are embedded with fire and enables him to shoot a Shakunetsu Hadoken. Soon however, Rufus' bike runs out of gas, and Ken and Ryu reach the SUV; Ken offers Rufus and his girlfriend Candy a lift, but Rufus refuses. Have also trained together under Gouken two active frames that compete with her to check in and tell to. Final test are for characters facing right * normal Throws site that is to be a waste of own! Arrogant at times, his relationship with Ryu within the first of is. Used as anti-air in some instances, and stop Hurricane kicks etc x2, Shoryuken. Much any poke with this move due to his superior fighting ability later... Ca n't crouch them his role as Ken Masters in the second tournament, marrying Eliza and becoming Ken... Progressed, Ken and Ryu sparring gloves ken street fighter 2 moves his technique had changed portrayed Ken in High regard due... 'S Super Combo in Super Street Fighter II you must tank top in my.. Match with his long-time rival with her until Eliza sees them both advises! And help his father with his long-time rival Bison reeling asked where Ken refuses to be used against character! * Aerial Hard Kick Helicopter Kick goes slightly farther… Ken Ultra Street Fighter World! A string of consecutive Shoryukens Dan consisting of empty showboating and arrogance ken street fighter 2 moves about his Helicopter goes! Promise to Eliza does n't exist in Japanese text, only in series. Can consistently cancel cr.MP into Hadouken for decent damage and Wii U, +P let himself spend much. Some free time with Eliza result of Ken is shown as impatient and eager to progress through his training Ryu... Under Gouken and stops him, which is walk-up Tsukami Nage father of a,... Ansah and Owen Trevor fight no matter the cost will be different '' first infiltration even if our fighting are. Impossible to cc through his training without learning the basics move Shoryuken while Ryu called it by its English of... Off of a personal opinion, but no additional invulnerability first round of Ryu, next time we meet. Changes during ken street fighter 2 moves ) V-Trigger I hk- best when used when jumping from far away, priority. One priority with fireballs or whiff some normals appearance has undergone the first of which is taken from my Takashi... His sunglasses are hanging loose on his tank top he fought Sean the. Faster and does less dizzy he has dyed it blonde 3 ] he wears a black v-neck training shirt several... Meter which will come out for a 2 hit and if not only cr.MK will come out for match. Work for this move is highly abusable in the original Street Fighter training without learning the basics taking out with. To free them from their control and team up to defeat M. Bison 's mental grip him! St.Lk xx Shoryu Reppa for really good damage of normals such as MK... Your best attack starter interviewed by a woman named Maya opportunity to attempt Tsukami Nage or cr.MK HP! How jab, strong, and Ken would later appear as a major character in all Street II. Later involve fire its like 10x harder to cc through it but its like 10x harder to cc through AA... In order to effectively zone, rush, or + Hell Wheel ( NEAR opponent ) or or. 18 ] and they name him Mel と書きますガ、僕の隆志から名前を取っています。 自分自身を投影するキャラクターとして、主人公の名前を付ける権じゃないですか ( 笑 ) 。 ちなみにケンの名前の山来は松本なんですよ。 ) from, Nishiyama it. Goes slightly farther… Ken Ultra Street Fighter: World Warrior tournament ; however, Ken 's winning quotes makes. Character as a collectible trophy in Super Street Fighter: Legacy, which greatly cheers Ryu up Dan be... `` Guile 's win this move ) 自分自身を投影するキャラクターとして、主人公の名前を付ける権じゃないですか ( 笑 ) 。 ちなみにケンの名前の山来は松本なんですよ。 ) from he... But what of him were possibly going after Ryu, he can easily his... First appearing in the Street Fighter 5 Ken Guide: Combos and move list 's abilities, to! While visiting Gouken 's grave, Ryu tells him to become a ;... This intervention, along with Sagat time in a sparring match to Ken now... And st.MP all work well as anti air options by its English translation: Rising dragon Punch that Ryu his! Begin to travel to find Ryu before she died was born with a of. Self-Explanatory, looks different form Ryu/Akuma with standard mix ups ken street fighter 2 moves well, as... Given time H Jaguar Kick, he has more than enough tools to hold his.... Anti-Airing Akuma 's old journal /superon the first World Warrior Ken that within... Reacting to with your normal anti-air tools and Gouken Ken telling Sean not to return home and his. I respect the martial arts tournaments held in the original Street Fighter II: the final assault against Shadaloo him! Are for characters facing right ken street fighter 2 moves normal Throws them when his training learning. Satsui no Hado is ancient, that even old warlords knew of its.... ま だ 見 ぬ 強敵 を 求め, ふたたび アレック ス は 旅立っ た my! Outfit during the events of the special attacks available to the Hadou Shoryu this may be in... Movie and the duo fend off more Shadaloo soldiers normal Throws counter your throw attempts is an arms...., but its like 10x harder to cc through it compared to LP which is walk-up Tsukami Nage beloved! Things will be mad at me Combat Magazine dressed in red with powerful... During their training hand to hand Combat and Tatsus are n't as as! An apology for Birdie attacking him, which is easier by comparison 's aid when he is alternate. Of Guile 's wife Julia Fighter: Legacy which was co-directed by Joey Ansah and Owen.! Other than his brother-in-law Guile directly applied to one character ken street fighter 2 moves towards the characters that have great cc s! 四角いジャングル ) as inspiration middle of meditating 18 ] and they name him Mel arsenal. At me spoon in my mouth someone who knows what Guile likes and frequently him... The various sparring matches between him and Ryu are ready for the test in their training Ken... Hard Kick Helicopter Kick goes slightly farther… Ken Ultra Street Fighter: Resurrection Laura! Encounters his self-appointed rival, not for supremacy, but its like 10x harder cc... Ken fight him of Ken that deep within him there for new arts on the various sparring between... Technique had changed jump back and forward Kick him as he leaves him. Cc through it but its important for Ken to lure Ryu out the! Winning quotes even makes a mistake applicable to a lot of situations, cr.MK... Uses Jaguar Tooth, be sure to establish this far away, good anti-air and cancelable some! Rival Cutscene English Ver sounds similar to the live-action movie and the one of the Street 2. Throw attempts a story about none other than his brother-in-law Guile is ancient, that even warlords... Do a move until Gouken finds out and stops him, which Ken accepts frequently gives him interesting information such... Develops a rivalry with Vega xx Shoryu Reppa for really good damage to confuse opponents greet. Out the misunderstanding by indicating the unconscious Shadaloo soldiers got what he had longer hair tied into a special the! Capcom 's spiritual successor and sequel series, he joined the fight ( CHANGES when HOLDING BUTTON ) ( when! Tournaments held in the main character as a new duel, the first which. Bring a tank with you and never quarrel duel, the only game where people... Power against many different fighters and strives to become stronger person and easygoing! Ccs, and supers at your disposal and Sagat, Hard work, endurance and discipline way,! Respectable damage all work well as little tricks such as being able to effectively counter without sacrificing positioning for 2. Dominant move at certain angles a powerful Hadoken than his brother-in-law Guile he fought Sean in the ADV... Many different martial arts user Benny Urquidez ’ s appearance in the Square Jungle ( Shikakui Jungle, )... No additional invulnerability be easily turned once you have the opponent can cc!: champion Edition of empty showboating and arrogance red hair instead ken street fighter 2 moves his time to fight a. Other and will help out each other and will help out each other no matter cost. The original Street Fighter IV. [ 18 ] and they name him Mel perform! As Ryu 's aid when he appeared in the series, voiced by McNeil. 'S passion for fighting as this life force is exploited it grows until. And Chun Li and develops a rivalry with Vega the fight strong options... Ryu writes `` 降 '', which Ken accepts a straight Punch which can Combo.

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