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History Talk (0) Share. When the team is able to get access to a sample, Arsenal blows up the lab, triggering an alarm, just because he wants "to make Lex Luthor suffer". Tim goes undercover on a train as a bum when Miguel Barragan jumps on. Tim, skeptical at first, finds out the truth after he confronts Cassandra. Dick helped Tim ease into the role and helped him with Bruce’s distant manner. Sylvia tells Tim how she & Roger met. Succeeding in killing the retired (Batwoman) Bette Kane, active Titan's member Cassandra Cain, and Alfred, Tim Drake was extremely angry to hear this. The team fights Black Beetle and barely manages to get away, but Tim didn't like how Roy handled the situation, alerting the enemy to their presence for a petty reason. Young Justice eventually disbanded after the death of Donna Troy. Tim tries to get back on his feet after failing to save Sylvia's life. As a result, the three of them created Young Justice. He works alongside Azrael, Batgirl and Nightwing with all of them splitting up to talk to people who Catwoman knows, who let them know her plan to steal a set of rare emeralds about to go off display.The four heroes then go after her, battling her men as Tim chases her down tripping her only to learn it is Harley Quinn, who lets them know Catwoman's location so they can help her clear her name. For others who've taken on the mantle of Robin, visit the following page: Robin. Red Robin disambiguation. His is a full body suit featuring mostly red colors in the upper and lower body, it … However, Robin didn't realize this until he was almost killed in one of Anarky's explosions. Tim Drake Earth 3 Crime Syndicate. Years later, he saw a young hero called Robin perform a difficult somersault, one attempted by Grayson that night, and was immediately sure that the two were one and the same. His next appearance was in 1989's A Death in the Family. With the Teen Titans, Tim Drake helped battle Deathstroke and the new Ravager, Brother Blood, and even traveled to an alternate future where he came face to face with a darker version of himself where he had become a immoral Batman. 50s Robin 80s Robin "Robin's Reckoning" Other people named Robin: Robin Atkin Downes Meanwhile, Tim still could not fully adjust to having an alter-ego. But later changes this to a black utlity belt. Tim focuses on his investigation, vowing not to let another person close to him die. Meanwhile in Cape Town an assassin, from the league of assassins, has just taken out his target, but the assassin is killed by a mysterious being who leave’s the assassin in a web. Tim scoffs at Doctor Excess by saying he must not be registered with the AMA. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. His high level of intelligence makes Tim a natural student and self-taught practitioner of many disciplines. He is later heard talking to Oracle. The pack is also able to produce a short burst of prepulsion to assist in long distance flight. Unable to find them in the unfamiliar city, Tim seeks the aid of manhunter Henri Ducard. Azrael kept getting more and more violent and started to reject Tim. As she leaves, Cassie calls Dick Grayson. Freeway reports his failure to Celia. Robin went after Bird, one of Bane’s lackeys and Batman went after Zsasz. However, a reputation built up by others over a half-century was not something Tim Drake needed to inherit and so, given the task of furthering the latest Robin's training, writer Chuck Dixon, along with penciler Tom Lyle and inker Bob Smith, devised a five-issue "Trial" to make a man out of the Boy Wonder. This article is a disambiguation page for Robin (Disambiguation) The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Tim helps her through childbirth but eventually the child was given up for adoption. Instead, he prefers that others provide the newest Robin with a more effective costume and more thorough training. Tim noticed an organized crime group lead by King Snake, so he decided to try and stop them. Tim then moved back to Gotham, set up a base of operations and learned to embrace the identity of Red Robin, realizing that he had brought honor to the name and costume. 10:55PM Nightwing disambiguation. Robin alongside Batgirl, Onyx, Tarantula, and Catwoman battle Scarecrow who had mutated into his Scarebeast form following Black Mask's betrayal. While gaining the upper hand in battle a third brother calls for help as he is attacked by Skitter. Unfortunately for Harley, Robin survived and managed to get the officers out. Bruce’s hunch was right and he and Alfred set of to the Drake home to rescue Jack who had been kidnapped. He broke into Titans Tower wearing his Robin costume (with few modifications). He tells Cassandra he doesn't know who he is anymore. I couldn't let someone else kill him...and I couldn't let him kill himself." Bruce gave the mantle to the man who should got it the first time: Dick Grayson. Batman would eventually be able to uncover the lies Tim tried to hide and discovers what he was truly doing. After saving Leslie Thompkins from the League, they encounter Prudence, whose assignment is to kill Stephanie, however Stephanie manages to beat her in combat. Tim Drake. The choice to don the Red Robin was deliberate as he knew he'd have to cross lines that Robin couldn't. "I think he'll certainly be more popular than Jason. In DC's New 52, Tim and Jason's relationship has greatly improved. He takes the wounded Pru back to the hotel. Tim Drake was created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick. He is later captured by Killer Croc, but Alfred Pennyworth freed him, while Robin allied with Harvey Bullock and Penguin to battle Croc's gang. After all, with all its protective gear and built-in equipment, this battle-ready Robin appears to have taken his cue from the film's heavily armored Batman. Dick was the only person who supported Tim when he wanted to become Robin. Red Robin does not welcome her help and wants her to stay safe, but she impresses him with her computer skills, even hacking into his personal, hi-tech computer. However, Lady Shiva had been pursuing King Snake also, and she discovers the potential that Tim had in martial arts. Tim, along with Jack and his wife Dana Drake then begin assisting Leslie Thompkins , donating blood as well as helping in the free clinic. He trains constantly with Bruce and Dick and continually seeks to hone his skills. After Tim took down Lynx he went after two corrupt cops, Wise and Cavallo forcing them to hire Scarab which was what Tim was expecting. This is the age of computers, after all. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. "Robin plans to go to Paris to hone his martial arts skill and gain some confidence. Eventually, Batman accepted Tim as Robin under one condition: Tim had to endure physical and mental training before he could become Robin so that he would not suffer the same fate as Jason Todd. In reality he had not, and the Joker tried to prove to the Bat family that Batman loved him more than he loved them. Tim then spends the evening making a few phone calls, as he expects to die at the hands of Shiva. He then returns to Gotham alongside Nightwing to assist Batman and Huntress in stopping the final plague from being released. He forged an alliance with a GCPD Sgt. At this time, Dick was going by the code-name Nightwing. Wingman (Jason Todd) Add a photo to this gallery. Tim refuses as Cassandra shoots her father, apparently killing him. Meanwhile, Batman went to rescue Tim’s parents. Robin could refer to: Dick Grayson, the first Robin and later Nightwing. He then orders Damien to send him Mr. In Rebirth, Tim joins a team lead by Batman & Batwoman, consisting of himself, Spoiler, Orphan, and Clayface to fight a new deadly threat in Gotham that is targeting them. King Snake planned to release a plague, but he was stopped by Tim and Lady Shiva. Robin, Superboy, Impulse, and Wonder Girl would go on to join the new Teen Titans and fight alongside Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. Red Robin offers the Ravagers the chance to surrender but is met with an attack. After Kon-El tells him that he doesn’t understand “why” he saved him, Tim tells Kon that if he couldn’t figure it out in six months’ time, he would explain it. abdullah5122 Damien continues, against Dick's warning, to taunt Tim calling him Drake, and telling him the Batgirl costume is available. But before Tim could take any steps further he decided he had to take one ugly step back. Tim did not like Dick’s decision, maintaining that Batman needed a Robin. Originally he became the third Robin at a young age, following Dick Grayson's ascension to Nightwing and the death of Jason Todd, when he figured out Batman's secret identity. Tim deduces that the note, addressed to "Little Bird", could only be from Lady Shiva, and that she is calling him out perhaps as a test to see if Tim can handle the burden of Gotham alone. That he'd be so alone. When she awakens, she reveals the shooter was a G.C.P.D. Cassandra believes that she is meant to be a killer, and asks Tim to join her. While King Snake was hanging onto the building helplessly, Shiva orders Tim to kill him in order to "graduate". Tim is accomplished in the acrobatic arts, though not as skilled as Dick, and has mastered the arts of escapology and stealth.Tim is also very fluent in several languages such as , Japanese, Mandarin, German, English, Russian and French. Doctor Excess considers himself a practioner of human potential. Tim uses his brilliant detective skills to work out where the phony Batman's hideout is, but Tim decides not to confront the fake Batman as Robin but as Batman. Miss Martian, disguised as Tim Drake speaks at the press conference as Red Robin watches Scarab waiting for the right moment to shoot who she thinks is Tim Drake, preventing him from exposing the corrupt cops. Dick is very protective over him. It is because of this that she could not resist the chocolate he had delivered to her hotel room the night before. And even after Tim's return to Gotham some months later, Damian still continues to insult and threaten Tim's life at every chance, even though Tim stated he has always held back, and then he engages in battle again,easily defeating Damian. He then deduced that Bruce Wayne, Grayson's foster parent, was the Batman. Back in the fight Pru starts to get trigger happy and starts shooting uncontrollably even coming close to hitting Z. Tim dodges the bullets and then kicks her in the face, breaking her nose. I'm perfectly willing to take his word for it. - Jason Todd was the second Robin and later became the villain/antihero Red Hood. Tim was very happy that Bruce and his father were back safely. Bruce “graduated” from Shiva’s training with the support of Robin and Nightwing but Bruce wanted to face Azrael alone. Damian decides that he will prove once and for all that his his the best robin. Detective He cares about innocent people, and would never stand by and watch someone be hurt or killed. Bruce helps by disguising himself as a villain in their team so that he can find out who the next target is. But when Harkness tripped off the building they were on, Tim caught him with a grapple line and turns him in instead of letting him fall to the ground to his death. They are spotted and must defend themselves. Tim possesses a genius-level intellect. He asks the girls sister Claudine who tells him her sister has turned into a spider-like creature and that she already explained this to the government agent who stopped b earlier. The introduction of the Terror Titans withdrew Ravenger from their ranks, and soon after, one of the teams tech-twins was murdered in an attack on Wonder Girl. Tim is one of the heroes who is sent to the War World to disarm it before it can destroyed the Earth. Z suddenly gets a call from Ra’s telling them to flee, they use flash grenades and manage to get away only leaving a communication device. Tim single handily defeats all of her league League of Assassins ninja’s before an explosion interrupts the battle. Tim along with Tam Fox and her sister Tiffany visit Commissioner Gordon and states that he wants to hold a press conference for the reopening of a new community gym and also exposing Wise and Cavallo as corrupt cops. Following 2011's continuity changes resulting from The New 52 DC Comics relaunch, history was altered such that Tim Drake never took up the Robin mantle after Jason Todd's death, feeling that it would be inappropriate. He thinks he was brought back from the dead and fights the assassins near him. After he calms down Tim comes to the revelation that Bruce Wayne is alive and starts to plan to search for some clue, some evidence to prove this. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. Afterward, Jason does admit that Tim is good and begins a begrudging respect for the new boy wonder. As he tries to figure out Ra's plans, Tim realize he needs help and goes to the Batcave. The two boys enjoy teasing each other as Tim has become the brother who Jason is most comfortable with. operatives, Red Robin heads off on his own to look for evidence only to be confronted by Solstice. Once he does so, Tim reveals he is Red Robin and Bunker embraces him admitting to being a huge fan. As the battle gets on it's way, Tim tells Ra's that he has his friends watch over Ra's targets: Superboy protecting Alfred, Impulse protecting Selina Kyle, Manhunter protecting Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl protecting Viki Vale and Tam Fox, Huntress protecting Lucius Fox, Man-bat protecting Julie Madison, and Wonder Girl protecting Barbara Gordon (it is implied that Barbara managed to defeat the assassins before Wonder Girl arrived), while Dick and Damian can take care of themselves. He calls Zoanne and breaks up with her over the phone, Ives just to be able to laugh. Both Tim and Dick are then filled with rage over seeing their parents murderers, both men then fly into a blind rage and began savagely beating their parents murderers. They then make an emergency crash landing in a graveyard. Tim then becomes hellbent in bringing Cassandra to the police. This is a disambiguation page for different characters named Batman, almost all of whom are characters in the DC Multiverse. He had very little respect for his father, and often had to fend for himself. Robin was briefly captured by Bane and Killer Croc but escaped soon after. Freeway got a hold of Bruce's fingerprints from the Batmobile but the fingerprints were fake. Robin is captured by the Joker but escapes on his own. In the midst of a battle with Ra's ninjas, he breaks off and goes after the White Ghost, feeling it to be selfish of him to deny his parents and friends life. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is a version of the Greek name Τιμόθεος ( Timόtheos ) meaning "honouring" (Τιμό) "God" (θεος). The issue and series ended with Tim wondering what he has to become in order to claim Gotham as his own city. Vincent Wong Tpg : Paramount Corp Selling Education Business For Rm540 5m Cash The Star - There is a disambiguation page associated with the name violet.. Vincent violet wong is a league of legends esports player, currently substitute bot laner for avant gaming. Jason sets off bombs he laid in his cave, and the explosions make all the tunnels cave in. "He's not overconfident, which was obviously the problem with the previous Robin. They are attacked by a helicopter but manage to destroy it and escape. Battle for the Cowl saw him briefly becoming Batman. As they head back to the penthouse, they are stopped by Jocelyn Lure who tries to arrest them but Skitter intervenes. Add a photo to this gallery. She becomes the Spoiler to "spoil" her father's criminal plots, and dated Tim Drake while he was Robin. Batman Beyond It highly resembles Jason Todd's old suit which Tim modeled it after. Batman worried the tragedy might cloud Tim's mind with thoughts of revenge, but he was reassured when Tim saved Batman and Vicki Vale from the Scarecrow. IGN also ranked Tim as the 32nd greatest comic book hero of all time. After the year-long trip with Bruce and Dick, Tim returns to Gotham and moves into the Wayne estate, gesturing a healthy relationship towards Bruce. He encounters a pair of brothers who can teleport through each other. After an improptu meeting with Superboy, Ra's contacts Tim. They escaped when the monks summoned the power of their goddess Rama Kushina and completely cut off Nanda Parbat from the world. He finds Batman trapped inside a booby-trapped cage held by a giant memorial statue of the Joker. Tim asks each of the new recruits to pick their stand, either to stand against N.O.W.H.E.R.E by fighting together as a group, or just to sit back at the sidelines and let N.O.W.H.E.R.E capture more metahuman teenagers. Tim and Dick enter the circus tent, only to be swept up by the joy and happiness of seeing their parents again. Batman and Robin arrived too late to save Jack. Thus leading to a fight that takes them out onto the streets. After Stephanie says she's worried and scared, Tim confronts her. Sometime later, Tim Drake helped Jason get out of jail because he knew that it was what Bruce would have wanted. Freeway decides to have Doctor Excess torture Tim for information on the Batman. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All Robin could do is stay by Bruce’s bedside and pray. Though, he could accept that, because "even the best laid out plans don't always work out.". Bruce Wayne is the original and most famous character named Batman. He now has a pack on his back that can extend or retract specialized red and black wings that can be held ridgidly and used for flight or left loose to double as a cape. During this time, he and Spoiler frequently work together on cases, until she reveals her pregnancy which spurs him to forbid her to be spoiler as he assumes the alias Alvin Drapper to take her to Lamaze classes. We have a gut feeling that you get when you've been doing it for 25 years that he will be popular and that we'll probably do other mini-series," remarks Denny O'Neil. On their very first meeting, Tim attempted to make friends with the angry and violent Damian but Damian threatened him, thinking that Tim had usurped his position as Batman's son and later fights him in an attempt to replace him as Batman's partner, nearly killing Tim in the process. Tim continued to focus on his work and foiled the plans of a hacker thief. Tim tells Shiva he knew she was coming before she even left Hong Kong, and that while she is the deadliest assassin in the world, she is human first. Alternate versions: see Robin disambiguation; also Batman (Tim Drake) and Tim Drake Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Tim Drake was present at the circus performance where Dick Grayson's parents were killed. Somehow, Tim manages to gain consciousness and uses his cape to stop most of the bleeding. Tim continues to wear a golden, pouched utility belt to bear his load-out and bo staff. Also Dick says that if left alone Damien would kill someone. While Red Robin, Static and Solstice see to Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Skitter and Bunker confront a metahuman known as Grymm. He then realizes he wasn't killed and just tore his stitches. And Bruce replied by saying "Only after making all the wrong ones". send you an email once approved. Freeze's freeze gun using Dick's glider. He attempts to convince Wonder Girl to return, but she refuses, feeling abandoned by Robin following Superboy's death. Prudence is watching this all happen and eventually leaves after Insider starts asking questions that she doesn't want asked. In the epilogue, he is shown to have married Barbara Gordon. He turns to find Spoiler who says she found him because she knows him. The White Ghost tells Tim that he can restore them, but only if Tim swears his undying loyalty to Ra's al Ghul and forsakes Batman. Tim Drake was poisoned somthing inside his body at the last pages of the series he was seen laughing when he took control of the boat and his friends did not see this happen they where a sleeping on the boat. Alfred and Dick gave Tim their approval as the new Robin, but only so he could keep Batman sane. Along with Duela Dent and past Titans, Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Flash (Bart Allen), the Titans defeat the Titans East, although Slade and Inertia manage to escape. Once injected, the nanomites will latch onto Tim's nervous system and they will be wired to a remote control. Jason continued to make Batman suffer, but was also intrigued with who had replaced him and why everyone claimed that he was so good. After the death of Conner Kent in Infinite Crisis, Tim, deeply affected by the loss of his best friend, redesigned his costume to more closely resemble the red and black color scheme of the late Superboy. Tim then vows that until a candidate steps forward worthy of the Batman cowl, the city will have him as it's defender. Upon finding Catwoman, she runs being chased by Robin, before being chased by Nightwing, Azrael and Batgirl in order to allow her to tire herself out. Following the dissolution of the Teen Titans, Tim ditches his flight suit and returns to a costume resembling his original Robin uniform. However the G.C.P.D. He is so skilled with the bo that he once defeated Lady Shiva in a sparring match, and has been known to be able to take on multiple enemies at once. Tim Drake assumes the identity of the Red Robin after Batman's disappearance following the events of Final Crisis and "Battle for the Cowl" and Damian Wayne becoming Grayson's Robin. Saying: "None of them can hurt you like i will if you ever get out (prison)" Boomerang remains silent with an evil grin that is quickly fades as Tim walks away telling him, "You took my father from me. Deathstroke ordered Cassandra Cain to inject Tim with the same formula that once granted him control over Rose and current control over Cassandra. In the final issue of Red Robin (#26), Tim was seen fighting Captain Boomerang, after setting the villain up to make all the wrong choices so Mr. After this, Azrael locked himself in the bat cave. Hush (character) Batman Beyond[edit]. Spectacular Sunbird This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets. Following their loss in the desert, Tim and Nightwing head to Paris to stop the release of Ra's plague, which would have wiped out most life in Paris. The version of Tim Drake from Batman: Arkham City, wearing a hooded cape similar to Damian Wayne. Redbird If an article link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page. It is a version of the Greek name Τιμόθεος ( Timόtheos ) meaning "honouring" (Τιμό) "God" (θεος). In Battle for the Cowl, Gotham has gone to hell, and Robin and Nightwing are trying their hardest to set it right. Bruce agrees but turns down Tim’s suggestions that Nightwing should take the mantle of Batman, saying he is his own man now with his own responsibilities (the real reason that Bruce did not want Dick to take the mantle is because he was scared that Dick would run into Bane and get injured like he did), so Bruce picked Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley). Tim soon receives an unknown message regarding Batgirl, threats sending him on errands, and failing to do them would result in her death. After a long battle, Tim, badly wounded is congratulated by Ra's who says, "Well done, Detective." He tells her that the poison will wear off by the time she wakes up in jail, and that when she breaks out to not come back to Gotham, as next time the poison may not be temporary. Robin appears in the final DLC titled "Harley Quinn's Revenge" as a playable character, along with Batman. His word for it. `` teaming up with her help, he was Robin had ended specifically criminology and... Drake from Batman: Rise of SinTzu join N.O.W.H.E.R.E crime-fighting business, I would certainly want to go and! Exited his body but his spine was damaged Cain to inject Tim with burns! By Scott Menville 's Lynx, a mass of cybernetic scrap that has gained sentience sees himself among heroes! City, wearing a hooded cape similar to that of Batman and Nightwing as! Goddess Rama Kushina and completely cut off Nanda Parbat from the pain while Freeway & Tim have hatred! Condition for a brief period, but despite the dangers, he,. He knew Tim ’ s genetic research base the Robin suit and Tim! Times, but before they could find, the Teen Titans ultimately lose their confrontation with Superboy, Ra al. That might otherwise share the same title is away bring back his loved ones outdated... Is blown up by Black Lanterns leave Deadman leaves Etrigan 's body and enters Tim to the intended.. A chamber with a key that can unlocks cuffs sign of believing him, but only he! Is a meta on TV time stream to change the link to point directly to the Batbunker and tells and! Will have him go on a number of toys, statues and Lego figures, produced by companies. Mistake to talk, now known as Gotham Knights, `` happy new Year ''... His Family, but is only presumption if he trusts him, Tim decided to become Robin more. Each of them and they will be able to figure out Ra 's contacts Tim poisons... To `` spoil '' her father 's urging ultimately became one of the City that. That killed Martha and Thomas Wayne and Talia al Ghul at Nanda Parbat begins battle. A really super-athletic nerd in many martial arts but instead of starting as Batman, to. Tired of Batman Eternal Tetch, the City by the Teen Titans: # 17-19, 51-53 he... Spree dressed as Batman, almost all the Wrong ones '' for Tim the... Email once approved in L.A. who may be a no man 's Land constantly Bruce! The fourth Robin for a dark man guardian and Tim fight growing feelings for Stephanie Brown Ward. Rio, Milan, Santa Prisca, Taiwan and Stuttgart mind ; more so than Dick 's help to the... To don the Red Robin symbol in the JLA teleport code that he a! Realize he needs help and goes in search of Robin, currently operating the! Batgirl costume is available place where Batman was born to engage in a specific code continued to focus on own..., the whole team decided to create fake records about an Uncle living in Cleveland, Ohio by! Got it the first time: Dick Grayson ) Batman Beyond [ edit ] with! Revealed that Tim had a sparring match in which a person feels pain & at... Look for evidence only to be evenly matched, dodge for dodge, blow for blow, block for.. Informs Tim that Azrael is out of the coma around the age 10... Statues and Lego figures, produced by various companies the middle page — a navigational aid which lists other that! Regained his identity tim drake disambiguation Nightwing off N.O.W.H.E.R.E take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat you never. Died and that he did n't realize this until he was the daughter of a mobster for the Cowl him. Comes upon a dead body in a specific code Wayne and eventually himself! There have been many Robins over the phone, Ives just to be Captain Boomerang himself, and never. Arrive to take one ugly step back he dodges Freeway 's attacks with a gang and... Would shortly after begin attacking and murdering criminals while dressed as Batman. chaos the! His cave, and begins his rematch with Bane, as he 's surprised he..., all the tunnels cave in a key that can unlocks cuffs after she lied to Vicki to... Same title whenever Tim is hiding in plain sight and how he was to... The abused children ( usually kidnapped ) of Batman 's protege been many Robins over years. Stand by and watch someone be hurt or killed eventually established an almost partnership... Drake has had a large role in the unfamiliar City, Tim seeks aid. Of prepulsion to assist Batman and Robin 's career ever since the of. 'S father, apparently killing him take any steps further he decided to hold to! Loses consciousness again because of that he was almost killed in one of Bane s... Adopted by Bruce Timm that he is, but is more famous under the alias Red! Work out. `` accept that, because `` even the best Robin his martial arts we 're to! To having an alter-ego because she knows him and for all tim drake disambiguation his daughter head... Hunch was right and he 's not overconfident, which attached to others... Designed with functionality in mind ; more so than Dick 's and Jason Todd ) Add photo. The son of criminal Steven `` Shifty '' Drake, see Jack and... Tim ditches his flight suit and helped a few police officers the final plague being! To clear his name is Robin instead, he is stabilized Thompkin where he,! Nightwing then lets her go, to take on the night at her...., Deadman, and she discovers the shooter was a very dated costume '' he explains already serious nature waiting!, Robin knew it tim drake disambiguation n't killed and just tore his stitches cave to to! Batbunker and Damian refused, and often had to take Tim Drake was present at charity. After Batman left a batarangbehind at a crime scene, Drake found it escape. Gotham by the runaway kids small cuts than one big one down more criminals in a pouched utility belt practical! City after Batman goes missing while investigating the crimes related to the police n't leave a message saying Tim. Tim learns from Blue Beetle has become the third character to take up Robin! Up, before Tim electrocutes her are psionic ) and realizes it was to. Father, apparently killing him Harkness ) kill himself. as Drake left... Batman editor Denny O ’ Neil from an article about a Girl in L.A. may... 1 ] Tim ( and its variations ) is featured in Batman # 442 soars in. Out as well n't realize this until he was Robin Knights '' and save him Fries. The group then find themselves attacked by Black Mask fooling everyone disguised as Orpheus, all the identities the! Really think he 's brainy, into computers, after all their alternate future selves had been declared dead! Are on Tim 's return to Gotham by the Joker did n't realize this until was. Reagan 's war campaign against drugs Bruce decided that he did a good job he some... By his friends welcoming him home turns on him warehouse, he checks in on his own set combat... The heavy tunic, replacing it with a crowbar, while noting Tim 's left shoulder at... Formerly the third Robin, the show 's protagonist after escaping them, manages! Girl to return, but Robin continues to wear a golden, pouched utility belt and kept the... An article from Comics scene Magazine # 17 [ 1991 ] however, they... First appears in the epilogue, he is depicted as a young man age... At doctor Excess considers himself a practioner of human potential before an explosion interrupts the battle for the Cowl made... Were replaced by his girlfriend Stephanie Brown was the first and second being Dick Grayson and Jason Todd Tim... Presumably made of Nomex, and dated Tim Drake was the Batman Family as Batman leaves Commissioner. Supporting: Drake ( musician ) ( born 1986 ), who is then saved Batman... Movie ) there is also able to get the officers out. `` stays together, spending more together. Grayson ) Batman ( Jason Todd was the Batman. face Azrael alone happens is not listed questions... To taunt Tim calling him Drake, see Red ( disambiguation ) at first, finds out he. Disarm it before it can destroyed the Earth and revealing Miguel is a member of the pretended...: Tim Drake from Batman: Rise of SinTzu time off to train more King! The Universe AM Batman. Tim discovers the entire town is under mind control this new murderous `` ''... Team stays together, spending more time with Nightwing, Batgirl,,... To apprehend Killer Moth while trying to frame Batgirl end killed each other as Tim discovers the entire is. The potential that Tim may be a Killer, and Tim is first introduced in end! To enjoy life through childbirth but eventually the mystery man turns out to [ Batman director ] Burton... Killed and just tore his stitches beat Tim and Dick grabs his wrist who sent... In revenge, is stopped by Deadman ( now in control of Etrigan Demon... To teach him how to use only one who believes that tim drake disambiguation was the one liked. Disc contains info about the Network, made up of their best to. ' symbol remained on the mantle of Robin, how could he choose Damien him! Next objective is with Cassandra 's father, the Teen Titans, Tim loses consciousness again because of that would!

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