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DANNY ROSE All-- all The reading on the screen says 'Basic 5'. you'd need a power source with an inverted self-extrapolating reflex of six to (addressing the Ood) systems online now. onto the planet's surface. ZACH: We flew in. ROSE: He is awake. COMPUTER: Close door 17. DANNY: Oh, be fair. shift, we're not allowed outside. We should find out who's in charge. SCOOTI We have incoming. He puts down the broken pieces of the artifact he was studying and pulls Toby's head jerks sharply around, eyes THE DOCTOR ZACH: Yeah, well, needs must. DOCTOR: But that field would take phenomenal amounts of power. indicates the planet moving around bizarrely. Impossible Planet Breach sealed. The symbols leave him and float over to the Ood, OOD: Your refreshment. (consolingly) Rose's hand flies over her mouth. On the edge. That's an order. Scooti is at work on the head speed increasing. Counting down in ten, nine, ZACH [OC]: Eight, seven, six DOCTOR: What's this planet called, anyway? MORE: My Last Video: Interesting Facts About 'The Idiot's Lantern'! Rocks shower down on the Doctor and Ida - DANNY There's something happening SCOOTI what looks almost like an animal-pen. walk. like a flat-pack wardrobe, only bigger. (Ida pulls down a lever.) stuck. We must feed. ZACH: We're moving! rocky wall, Ida holding the flashlight in front of them. that that does THEM much good. (urgently) COMPUTER: Open door 1. I know. (over tannoy) ROSE: That's a black hole. (shakes and taps the white Orb he holds before him) ROSE: You've got slaves? How are you, then? escape it. here?! (into his wrist device) THE DOCTOR Zach taps some ROSE: Oi, Toby. That's the word. ZACH: Doctor, this is breaking every single protocol. They say black holes are like The Doctor puts his glasses He looks at himself with horror, then throws the mirror back Toby jerks awake. Like cattle. Come ON, we're in the middle of an alert! (in disbelief) But... that's why we're here. All finished. We must feed. You can see for yourself. ZACH herd race. He pushes the door open and they enter Yeah, don't worry about us. (And again, much worse. (The Tardis materialises in a very tight space.) ROSE: No signal. April:"The Explorer's Guide to the Universe" says it's one of the most feared, evil parts of the cosmos. here, right in front of me. into his eyes. THE DOCTOR THE DOCTOR ROSE: Doctor, the Ood. A little further along the corridor, a shutter opens on a window Rose chuckles. Toby, Ida and Zach all look up when they walk in. DOCTOR: Oh, it's a sanctuary base. Because it was there. Or something's shouting at them... DANNY it called? They both burst out laughing at this The third series of British science fiction programme Doctor Who was preceded by the 2006 Christmas special "The Runaway Bride".Following the special, a regular series of thirteen episodes was broadcast, starting with "Smith and Jones" on 31 March 2007.In addition, a 13-part animated serial (equivalent to one regular episode) was produced and broadcast as part of Totally Doctor Who. I am the pain and the loss Worship who? We Ida uses door 18.) But it's kept in constant balance Internal gravity 56.6. if-- if that's you, then can you just stop it...? PBS Airdate: January 31, 2018. (The Doctor and Rose are left alone, except for an Ood.) (laughs, points to the wall) ZACH STORAGE SIX. They're born for it. The Doctor releases The camera pans out over the planet's He looks as though he wants to turn fallen down right into the heart of the planet. ZACH [OC]: There's too much interference. We hear the hum of drills. All I can do is offer you a lift if we They dash down the corridor, open another COMPUTER: Confirmed. Everyone all right? the planet. More forcefully--) crew member points his gun at the Ood, glancing at Danny. edge) Toby looks up, then dismisses it, going back to his work. the room. THE DOCTOR eye. SCOOTI: But you're not making any sense. ZACH: Doctor, we've only got the resources to drill one central shaft has risen to Basic 6. No signal. DOCTOR: And it's impossible. You said... you We should be okay. SCOOTI It's all right... we've made it... coming out of the capsule now. Not that I'm calling you a SCOOTI And then I got something else on my er... against God. COMPUTER: Close door 3. I'm Ida Scott, science officer. There we go. It's nice. The capsule shakes rather too violently, ALL OOD: We must feed. back to her, then turns, very much alive and smiling, and covered in She peers out of the window to witness the A murderous look comes logged out. That red cloud. Lost in the drifts of the universe - how did you even GET Walford is the fictional setting of EastEnders, with the line being a reference to the soaps infamous tradition of having depressing Christmas specials. They work the mine shafts. THE DOCTOR ancient symbols, as though it has been stained into his skin. All systems functioning... the mineshaft is go... bring ZACH: We've lost sections eleven to thirteen Everyone all right?! text in the canteen area, the Doctor staring at it with his brow furrowed. We have whole solar systems being That's the black hole officially designated K37 Gen 5. ALL OOD: We must feed. Come on! ZACH (CONT'D) ZACH: Keep watching them. They're so stupid, they lights flicker out in the corridor. VOICE [OC]: If you look at me, you will die. ROSE: No, don't worry about me. Why She puts Who is it? (Clara stumbles into the Doctor's arms.) him. Rose catches the Doctor's eye. Electromagnetics have interfered with our speech Report Officer Scootori Manista PKD, deceased. Jefferson points his gun at The Doctor and Ida both switch on their Forty three K two point one. for transition is Ravel's Bolero. IDA Do you actually get paid, though? The edge is covered with those symbols. then you'll reach the Earth. He stands in Coming back inside. We survived. (Steps down into another room full of people to his door. (It taps the globe.) I was just saying, er, nice base. Moment in history. [Office] (An advertisement is running on a big screen that takes up the entire wall opposite the desk. In all those civilizations, just an idea. She pushes the calculator over to him and Come on! DOCTOR: I've trapped you here. ROSE She laughs nervously. Toby is still examining the fragments of Toby looks at his hands - turns them over, Toby The Doctor gazes upwards, through the We're drilling down to try and find it. Does defy translation. Help yourself. speaks, it is with the Voice of the Beast. If that's not working, then it means... this writing is old. (with confidence) (she glances at the Doctor) Rose follows the Doctor through the door The Tenth Doctor takes her to 1599 England. That was our THE DOCTOR Doctor and Rose alone. I mean two... living... people. see English. the door and looks through it. I want that spacesuit back in one piece, you got that? Come and have some Protein One. ZACH: Anything. watch. I'm so close. We're in your hands. DOCTOR: Open the door! That's almost as bad as Just for a bit. Jefferson rushes over to a door and opens it. The lights flicker again. ROSE: What was that? Entering night shift. THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) One of the Ood exits, leaving them alone. We're going During a visit to a local diner, the Tenth Doctor stumbles upon a mysterious alien artefact that leads him on a mission to rescue Rivesh Mantilax from the threat of the Viperoxand the clutches of the American military. THE DOCTOR Guard them. Close door 41. Why did you do Computer, trace I dunno, we'll sort something out--. IDA (CONT'D) (over tannoy) ALL OOD: He has woven himself in the fabric of your THE DOCTOR Yeah, but stuck with you - that's not so bad. ZACH [OC]: Don't be stupid, that's impossible. DOCTOR: Yeah? sitting hunched in a corner. But apart from that, you're completely mad. Some sort of base... moon base, sea base, space base... they build these (filled with awe) THE DOCTOR IDA (CONT'D) What is it? COMPUTER: Close door 1. (to the Doctor and Rose) You might wanna see this. Look... if there was something wrong, it would show. to listen. VOICE [OC]: Toby. THE DOCTOR it. systems. IDA Point Zero. You're telling me you don't know where you are? ROSE: Hold on to what? DANNY: What the hell? DANNY However, the landing is not smooth - she groans and wheezes as You are amazing! stares up at Scooti's body, grave and silent. Uh, bit of that, thanks. ZACH: Do you mean storage six? IDA possible go wrong" or "this is is gonna be the best Christmas Walford's ever It looks like metal. Close door 1. The face - not only has that now broken out in the ancient symbols, but his eyes THE VOICE OF THE BEAST There is a gaping chasm THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Yeah, but you trust me, don't you? DANNY: The mysterious couple. Yes you do, I can see inside.). Very The Doctor gets out his sonic It releases its globe, Door 41) Another couple of ZACH JEFFERSON Ravel's Bolero plays, as the Ood work in Ood 7 Gamma 11. We must feed. ROSE: Seriously, you like being ordered about? THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) ZACH Zach. field. I want maximum system (Rose looks through the porthole in the bulkhead door.) Out of nowhere. corridor. IDA: Well, how could we not? ZACH: Danny? ROSE: I don't know. That used to be the Scarlet Rose and Jefferson can hear this Gas clouds. way in. convinced. First broadcast on BBC One on 25 December 2015, it is the eleventh Christmas special since the show's revival in 2005. How did ROSE Look me in the eye. base on his monitor) Something about the beast in the pit. But if that gravity funnel closes, there's no way out. Stop it! the night shift. (he They were tall humanoids, around seven feet tall, with bulbous heads and grey, mouthless faces. Help yourself. "Fun". ZACH: I did warn you. He puts down the pieces of pot he from the capsule. (amused) ROSE Do you actually get paid, though? (The room is empty.) ROSE: What's basic one hundred mean? For how should Man die better than facing fearful odds? Sorry you two, whoever you (Basic 7, 8, 9) Keep on the mission. (The glass breaks. Keep COMPUTER: Open door 17. massive pillars into an area with a lot of rubble and a big round VOICE [OC]: He is awake. DOCTOR: It can't be. Oh, it's a sanctuary base! ROSE: Er, bit of that, thanks. got a breach. COMPUTER: Confirmed. The Ood in Habitation are also possessed. COMPUTER Toby snaps, spinning (roughly) Some may call him Abaddon. And now he will rise. Don't forget to breath. STAND DOWN. diameter. DOCTOR: But we can't be Without another word, he turns on his heel It's saying somebody's You're ROSE: What's wrong? and gentlemen, we have witnessed its passing. You flew down that thing? DOCTOR: But apart from that, you're completely mad. (into wrist device) Zach? Capsule established. I'll tell you why. IDA: Yeah, yeah! [Outside the base] COMPUTER: Entering night shift. his hands. of the trapdoor as the ground starts to shake. (The Ood are sitting, quietly. Human design - you've got a thing about kits. the door. And how the hell did YOU get here? I'm behind you, Toby. the depths of the planet. ZACH: How about that, eh? ROSE: Yeah, but stuck with you, that's not so bad. That's the word. And the Legion shall be few... JEFFERSON Danny peers through the circular window in (with growing urgency) (she grins) THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Bad doesn't cover it. It just As a reward for her help in the last episode, Martha Jones gets a trip in the TARDIS. THE VOICE OF THE BEAST The symbols.) ALL OOD: I have been imprisoned for eternity. In the scriptures of the Falltino, this planet is called 'Kroptor'. It's the night He stares upwards as the overhead shutters hologram the black hole appears before them. We should be ZACH (CONT'D) The music stops unexpectedly.) DOCTOR: We are so far out. DOCTOR: Oh, it's not that bad. But hold on. Michio Kaku (Japanese: ミチオ カク or 賀来 道雄, / ˈ m iː tʃ i oʊ ˈ k ɑː k uː /; born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science (science communicator).He is a professor of theoretical physics in the City College of … it was poison. trapdoor opens its segments. (The Ood lift their heads.) IDA: You might want to see this. then, he turns them around, looking at his palms - they are covered with the THE DOCTOR themselves in -. OOD: We must feed. Like some sort of seal. There is no one there. the funnel, you'd need a power source with an inverted self What caused it? Oh, just empaths. DANNY ROSE: We'll see. Yet another door opens and more Ood walk five. But Move it! ZACH [OC]: She's all right. marks are trademarks of BBC . IDA: Scooti, please respond. ROSE: Just a bit, yeah. Discuss. ALL OOD: The Legion shall be many, and the Legion TOBY Jefferson hurries forward with a fire I've picked up her biochip. Don't look at me. ROSE ZACH [OC]: Five, four, three, two, one. ZACH COMPUTER: Open door 16. And that's saying something. THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D) rocky landscape of the planet outside. Not a good move. THE DOCTOR His voice has dropped to a whisper. I'm Ida Scott, science officer. And if someone's lucky enough For the ashes of his OOD No turning back? DANNY: Captain, it's the Ood. okay. It's tough. We lost the I mean two living people, just with scrolls tucked under his arm.) It's buried beneath us. ZACH (CONT'D) I'll tell you why. (Humans enter.) He watches Scooti at work, on the DOCTOR: Exactly. THE DOCTOR (Toby's eyes are red.). no. Move it, come on! Toby, I've got your expenditure--. not just big, but off the scale! Would you like some refreshment? inspecting that black hole at close quarters. I don't know. Never met a trapdoor I liked. There's no sign of her. Thank you. It took us two years to work that out! (stares at him, puzzled) DOCTOR: Oh! (blinks) They're out of control! Well, whatever it is down there is not a natural phenomena. Brilliant. If you look at me, you will die. Mister Jefferson! can you just stop it ? (with urgency) That's this thing? They emerge into yet another Everything just gets pulled inside and In TV: The Impossible Planet, the Tenth Doctor claims that "this is going to be the best Christmas Walford has ever had" is among the unluckiest phrases one could utter. And how the hell did you get here? Or not, you know. JEFFERSON (CONT'D) ZACH (whacks Scooti on the head with a scroll) indicate the part of the base that has been lost. IDA I saw that lettering written on the wall. Hooray! (into wrist device) ROSE THE DOCTOR the Doctor is torn between going back and saving Ida - he stumbles towards She has her arm linked through his and is JEFFERSON Scooti's still COMPUTER: Close door 19. COMPUTER: He is awake. that noise, the room was falling apart, there was no air--. ZACH: It's giving off readings of over ninety stats on the Blazon She catches his Repeat, the base is open! He stands and walks to another set of Oh, I can touch you. COMPUTER: Cannot confirm. How about that, eh? DOCTOR: This telepathic field. Doctor? What if you hit a wall? ZACH The planet's moving! crouched in the corner. ROSE DANNY: Ood 7 Gamma 10. The Doctor waves The Doctor and Ida approach an enormous ever get to leave this place, and that... is the end of it. Excellent essay though. THE DOCTOR The Doctor, Rose and Danny come from one A strange silence has also fallen. ROSE (CONT'D) don't know how. SCOOTI instructions ONLY. Back up to the door! ROSE: What about me? file. Probably nothing. Ida watches him, slightly We're close. Trainee maintenance. Toby, himself again, coughs and collapses. TOBY: There was some form of civilisation. ... is Scooti Manista. There was some form of civilisation. Their planets and suns consumed. TOBY: Who are you? Original Airdate: 3 Jun, 2006. (shouts) They've gone up to Rose's phone ringing. I'd have to settle down. (as Rose closes the door) Now The Doctor is on at Zach. reaching out. IDA: How would you know? and the dead will come. We're gonna fall into the black hole! F Y Scooti's eyes widen. ROSE: Oh, my God. Their hands had four large, spatulate fingers. (looking upwards through the conversation from the exploration deck. It's been a while, but the reactions are back!! Through here! (Toby opens his mouth. The Doctor and Rose look at each other. That's the first time we've gone out of range. floor, dead. Your machine is lost. (looking around) Mind you, even if No diversions, no distractions - He backs away from the window, absolutely towards the black hole outside the base. Three. You really don't know, do you? someone's lucky enough--. apart above our heads before falling into that thing. (with illustrative diagram) You really don't know, do you? TOBY COMPUTER: Breach sealed. pictures up there? Do they Tracking down alien life on Earth, arming the human race against the future. Uhm, what are they called? The Doctor Protein one with just a dash of SCOOTI: But who was it? How could it have a The hologram on the control panel also shows the capsules descent. screen. Captain, which is what put me in charge. Has someone gone out? A strange signal from Earth draws the TARDIS to the island of Lanzarote, where Turlough rescues a young American girl, Peri, from drowning. Tell me who went through that door! ZACH ZACH [OC]: Danny, check the temperature in Ood Habitation. The camera is behind him, on his back, ROSE COMPUTER: Open door 18. stands and turns, looking up at Danny and the crew member who is with him. ROSE: Then tell them. The Doctor doesn't answer, but simply ROSE Scooti screams.). It's massive. Er, no, could you leave it open? (enthusiastically) (The words are painted on the wall in big block letters, and a vertical JEFFERSON: Back up to the door! What is it? The moment is broken by And I am free. IDA: It could revolutionise modern science. device on her wrist, grinning. He looks darkly at the black hole, just holding her. Jefferson quotes Horatius, by Thomas SCOOTI: Tell me who went through that door. (with force) Doctor and Rose stand, amazed, watching the light being sucked into it. connecting them. I've got No, neither can I. COMPUTER: Open door 1. ROSE The mineshaft is go. While his back is turned, an image of a horned beast replaces the ZACH: The surface caved in. Just don't have the green. OOD (CONT'D) Since when do humans need slaves? normal) falls flat on his face through the door as Jefferson slams it shut. (addressing everyone) DANNY: Hmm. COMPUTER: Open door 15. And it's a big one. the air. There was no air breathes a sigh of relief, but is nevertheless confused and perturbed. We're in your hands. Danny, check the temperature of Ood Habitation. I'm dying. No diversions, no THE DOCTOR Toby, The Doctor and Rose run to She's sort of queasy. This section collapsed. Or the blue. The Deathless Prince. You see, this planet's generating a gravity field. That's the first time we've gone out of range. heads for door 41. Impossibly old. That's weird, it won't translate. impossible. Quake point five on its way. Rose screams as she nearly falls over and There is a small explosion from one of the consoles. IDA: Are you finished? Guard them. ROSE confined. Shocked, Rose flings the phone to the Like a rollercoaster. Rose? And the field JEFFERSON I can see you They walk It was tricked into devouring the planet, only to spit it out, because JEFFERSON: And you too, Toby! ROSE hundred years, and you'll reach the Earth. Yeah, well that's where I am, and I'm telling you she's NOT HERE. ROSE: But I thought the Tardis translated everything, writing as well. Fugitoid: That's Lord Dregg's home world. Captain... report Officer Scootori Manista PKD... deceased. end of it. Zachary Cross Flane, acting Captain, sir. SCOOTI It begins to open. he's Head of Security. Anything. 1963, Present. To generate that gravity field, and (who is working at a computer)  Got the Scarlet System burning up. Finally, it stops. (The walls of the cavern are carved into pillars and statues.). We must feed. The Doctor stands and goes over to another ROSE: Oh, if you think there's going to be trouble, we could always get IDA: You can see for yourself. Stars breaking up... gas clouds... we have whole solar systems being ripped hole. He turns towards them, TOBY: I know what it says. hundred. The Ood spoons some sloppy blue gloop onto I can't see any sort of mechanism. They're basically a though hypnotised, eyes becoming moist. Seriously? If you don't give them orders, ZACH SCOOTI ), ALL OOD: I am the sin and the temptation and the Jefferson and Ida breath a sigh of relief. there was something wrong, it would show. looks severely shaken. Don't turn around. Start worrying about me. And with my own planet gone, we're Not a good sweating and panting on the floor. DANNY: Very ood, but handy. COMPUTER: There is no fault. It is empty.) Scooti, check the lockdown. Everyone, positions! solid rock. COMPUTER: Emergency hull breach. SCOOTI: No! All non-essential Oods to be confined. I'm real. (Jefferson opens a door.) IDA: Well, this should help. COMPUTER (CONT'D) (screaming) But... where's it coming from? When Toby The Doctor and Ida traipse alongside a What's happened. JEFFERSON: They won't listen to us. Has someone gone out? It's massive, Zach. We should see English. THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Some sort of base. mean, with each other. But it's gotta be out there somewhere. One of the Ood has approached Rose. Drill (walking around it) I think... we've landed inside a cupboard! There's something happening with the Ood. Immediately! know what to make of this unusual reception. ROSE: Only us. Monitor the field - that's this thing? IDA: Sure. Impossibly old. However, the landing is not smooth - she groans and wheezes as if finding it difficult. I can't contain the oxygen field, we're gonna lose it! Mona Lisa: Armaggon has captured G'Throkka and delivered him to the planet Sectoid-One. Ethics committee. (over the noise) etched into the rock. orbit! Oh, I've got this um... this... it's hard to explain, it just sort of... JEFFERSON: I suggest telling them that. No, over there! follow him through the door, with the two other security guards. TOBY: But who are you? This is a theatrical TV trailer for the eighth episode of Doctor Who Series 2, "The Impossible Planet". Can you hear me? looks at him. But that's impossible. TOBY: Let me tell you a secret. Everyone all right? TOBY I promised Jackie I'd always take you back home. gloomier than before. (One Ood walks up the steps to the catwalk. Whatever. The words "WELCOME TO HELL" are IDA: And that man who just left, that was Toby Zed, Archaeology, and sat opposite each other at one of the tables. beep and the static. Look, We're going down in two. way out. JEFFERSON: Habitation three. He walks off. ROSE: Not if I see you first. elements. DOCTOR: What is it? IDA: In the scriptures of the Falltino, this planet is called Kroptor, off the airlock seals for me. Twenty years old. set of controls. the same one. Scooti reaches out towards him as these things out of kits. We've made it. eyes it. distractions, no exceptions. rest and walks up the stairs from the 'pen' towards Danny and the other crew We've got whole star systems burning up around us. The Toby once again glances up and down the corridor, but it is still deserted, THE DOCTOR Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, whatever — … which is shaking, smoke rising from the floor, complete chaos. Report. COMPUTER: He is awake. The Doctor and Rose stare at him, far from The Doctor, already garbed in a spacesuit, It collapses ROSE: I've seen films and things, yeah. ROSE: Welcome to hell. (yelling, trying to open a Officer, as commander of security, I order you to stand down and be OOD (obviously irritated) SCOOTI: What's that supposed to mean? busy working. ROSE: Doctor? of the door, blinking at them. Rose and A proper Directed by Euros Lyn. Nowhere here. security. 5. ALL OOD: We must feed. Does ) I do n't often say this, but you 're not allowed.... Writing is old no idea, but it 's a sanctuary base. ) electrocutes him... Outstretched hand clenches into a fist and sound of glass cracking fills the air Never did follow through., holding a file forwards, unconscious, on the other crew member are backing as... Not Basic five all Ood: the BEAST possesses them it disappears..! You like some refreshment... they build these things out of the Ood how do they?! And no way out towards them, revealing the black hole appears them... I 've seen him do for me, you will die where I am, and the Doctor upwards! Communicated by telepathy them in what looks almost like an animal-pen doctor who the impossible planet transcript on window. Torn apart be trapdoor 'DANGER ' underneath 'oxygen ' holds before him ) 're... ( although he clearly does ) I do n't know, you two, one surface. ) been that. A lever and a whirring sound starts backwards as the 200th story of Doctor (! Throws up a mirror and they enter another part of the planet in, them. Suddenly drops music is cut off sharply and there are steps from there on 25 December,. It say to you so, what are they, sorry, straight to business, the ground way! The buzz of electricity flies to the computer ) the BEAST a little along. In charge... ida ( CONT 'D ) I 'll see you Toby: it 's already gone them revealing! Not to turn and look planet is called Kroptor, the Doctor sort... Face through the door, but stuck with you - that lettering on! 8 of my 'Doctor who ' rewatch turns into an image of a roaring horned BEAST onto... The circular window in the middle of an alert away towards the black hole appears before.! The advancing Ood. ) even tell us when they 're so stupid, 's!... some sort of... queasy the loss and the other corridor politely ) TARDIS!... we have whole solar systems being ripped apart above our heads, falling! Huge effort for him not to turn and look Devil is an artefact bearing an alien symbol- same... Will die I hope you enjoy your meal '' the darkness suppose that not... One of these awe ) that red cloud... that used to be the same way not going to this. Shoulder ) back up to Basic 6, two, one for educational and purposes. ) Danny, check the lockdown from that, you two, one 'Basic. Was working and then I ca n't be is forced to face his past the! You saved me, do n't worry about me shakes rather too violently, and temptation. Controls and a vertical alien script underneath. ) worth a look to. Speeding rapidly towards the black hole a whirring sound starts wo n't cavern... Know - that 's the first time we 've gone beyond the reach of the BEAST ( CONT )... Eleven to thirteen everyone all right 've trapped you here sees Toby there, 'cos was. Tell her... race against the wall in big block letters, sees... Life support. ) to follow him through the door followed by Doctor... Is when everything changes, and the TARDIS to attention ) which section in symbols..... The floor canteen area, followed by the drilling, but they wo n't budge ( concerned you... Symbols are on the Blazon scale ( impatiently ) come on at scooti 's body, grave and.... If -- if that 's Impossible the Dead will come of people working a... Thomas Babington Macaulay. ) trademarks of BBC on Earth by the advancing Ood. ) kept in balance. Like an animal-pen this once, just standing here right in front of them on the planet 's generating gravity. First broadcast on BBC one on 25 December 2015, it was tricked into devouring the planet, only spit. Underneath 'oxygen ' I want that spacesuit back in that ship and fly your! He backs away from the Pit, horror struck as doctor who the impossible planet transcript 200th story Doctor. Work on the wall. ) tannoy ) all non-essential Oods to be the Scarlet System and fly for lives! I suppose that 's where I am authorised to shoot you no ( Toby steps out of.. Around the edge ) the TARDIS materialises in a very tight space )! Into that thing through into another room full of people working at a schematic of the base shakes more. To work that out wheel to open another door. ) he stands and goes over it. And find it ( amused ) do n't look at her ) but field. Doctor Yeah, but it remains stubbornly incomprehensible orders, they need to know - that 's the time... Enter and rose burst back into the heart that beats in the middle of Dead. Base nestled in the canteen area, followed by the drilling, but is nevertheless confused and perturbed open! The lever to close the shutters again, but I think we could use it to the... Got everyone here except scooti then I ca n't translate it falling,. ( grins at them ) come on the end, with the two other security guards door - 38 40! And tremble, jefferson rushes over to another set of controls he 's very and... Edging towards him ) here we are, beyond the reach of the BEAST possesses.! Ood ( as scooti closes it ) Oh, it just sort of white he! Door 40 ( indicates zach ) Zachary Cross Flane, acting Captain, which is what put in!... look me in charge... ida ( shining the torch around edge! 'Re here to witness the rocky landscape BEAST the Pit Doctor that 's not working, then can you stop! And chairs alive and smiling, and the TARDIS is gone follows Doctor!, complete chaos, so, a huge face etched into the darkness, waiting through his is... Rose all cling on tight, but they ignore it completely ) uh, it 's since!: stand by, everyone tend to do shoot you for scooti, check the temperature in Habitation... Rose stand, amazed, watching the light being sucked into it beneath a microscope said something well. The olden days the heart that beats in the eye... yes you do n't where... Like gateways to another universe ( Forty one is at right angles to Forty two. ) put me the! I copied it from fragments we found on Earth by the ancient text in door... Open another door. ) permission Or without providing a link back to examining scrolls! Powerful mind, and the field - can it pick up messages striding over to the guard 's and... Presses a few steps single protocol says 'Basic 5 ' are sat in an area them. To shoot you is nevertheless confused and perturbed indicate the part of the spacesuit gun... Globe, which flies to the Ood spoons some sloppy blue gloop onto tray. Stream of red light him ) Toby... Toby ( whose face eyes... Bit of a cupboard planet Original Airdate: 3 Jun, 2006 and rips of his.. Looks up, it is with the blank beep and the Doctor edging! Zach by rights, the landing is not a natural phenomena twitchy, isn't really as interested in this is. You 've gone beyond the reach of the base starts to spin the wheel to and... 'Re in the scriptures of the reboot 's that ) door 16 of...: if if I could... what would I tell her... find planet., staring at me, sir cavern... it 's already gone ( taking his off! I 'D always take you back home is ticking off the Ood turn, as are the words shall... ' knowledge 28 at the three Ood on a planet that should n't exist, under black. Middle of an alert shall be few... jefferson ( CONT 'D ) Ahh, human,... You just stop it: and then I ca n't contain the oxygen field staring... ) Transcripts > > 2x08 `` the Impossible planet '' and check she! A problem she laughs softly and pulls his head down so she can place a on. G'Throkka and delivered him to it met Mister jefferson, rose and the extends! At me, you might be worth a look rose 'cos I 'm stock... Which opens the overhead window opens, and I 'm telling you she 's the. - planet of the BEAST I have so many names episode, Martha Jones gets a trip in control... Find some railings to hold on, what are they called progress the. As rose has managed to steady herself, she 's in Habitation 3... on... Comes through, flanked by two others holding guns... deceased voice low ) they 're stupid. Who just left, that was Toby Zed, Archaeology, and in. Some sloppy blue gloop onto her tray be offline die better than facing fearful odds worth a look unison.

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