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This wikiHow teaches you how to update the Google Chrome browser on your computer and mobile devices. Chrome wird in der Regel basierend auf Ihren Einstellungen für den Google Play Store automatisch aktualisiert. For details on new features, check out the Chromium blog, and for details on web platform updates, check here.If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.Ben MasonGoogle Chrome. The latest update for Microsoft Edge comes with … Redesigned icons on the New Tab page: easier access to more of your frequently-visited sites. The Dev channel has been updated to 89.0.4384.0 for Mac, 89.0.4385.0 for Windows and Linux. Under the hood performance and stability tweaks. allHistory. Klicken Sie oben rechts im Bildschirm auf das Zahnrad-Symbol. If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our forum or filing a bug. Swipe to navigate: swipe right or left to navigate backwards and forwards, Support for accessing Physical Web content from the Today view, Support for NPAPI plugins permanently disabled. When all visits have been removed the URL is purged from history. Chrome Extensions. While you can manually check for updates, Windows 10 will automatically download and install updates, except on metered connections (where charges may apply). Google only provides an online setup file for Google Chrome which installs the latest version of Google Chrome. Overview of the version history of Google Chrome, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Google Chrome Releases: Stable Update: Google Chrome", "Google Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update March 17, 2010", "Evolving from beta to stable with a faster version of Chrome", "Adobe Flash Player support now enabled in Google Chrome's stable channel", "A new Chrome stable release: Welcome, Mac and Linux! You can swipe down or right from the iOS Home screen to search. Chrome provides 4 channels: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. To update Google Chrome: On your computer, open Chrome. Google has released a new app update for Google Chrome with version 86.0.4240.185. listener. Improve this answer. Wir haben die Antworten und helfen beim Update. Alpha channel support for WebM video enables transparency masking (a.k.a. Add Comment * Required information. Jetzt herunterladen. We've just released Chrome Beta 88 (88.0.4324.93) for Android: it's now available on Google Play. Download progress notification for file downloads using the Chrome network stack, Responsive Images and Unprefixed Web Audio, Import supervised users onto new computers, A different look for Windows 8 Metro mode, Ignores autocomplete="off" on password input fields, Updated tour when you start Chrome for the first time, Support for autocomplete in the omnibox for right to left languages, Fullscreen video with Subtitles and HTML5 controls, Added right-to-left support to the omnibox for Arabic and Hebrew, See your search term in the omnibox, instead of the long search query URL, Easily refine your search queries and view more results on the search results page, The addition of a Browser crash recovery bubble, Multiple stability and performance improvements, Improved text rendering on non-mobile optimized sites, Allows mobile sites that have added Cast support to work with your Cast-enabled device, Removal of the showModalDialog API, breaking several enterprise web apps, Signing into Chrome signs you into your favorite Google sites, Multiple performance improvements and bug fixes, Under-the-hood changes for stability and performance, Support for Battery Status and Screen orientation APIs, Removes SSL/TLS protocol version fallback to SSLv3, Number of bug fixes and performance improvements, The minimum SSL/TLS version can now be set through about:flags, Updated info dialog for Chrome app on Windows and Linux, Updated page info and content settings UI, New look with Material Design bringing bold graphics, fluid motion, and tactile surfaces, iOS 8 optimizations and support for bigger phones, Support handoff from Chrome to your default browser on macOS, Many under the hood changes for stability and performance, Aero interface is disabled in Windows Vista, The ability to pull to reload at the top of most pages, A number of bug fixes and performance improvements, A number of new apps, extension and Web Platform APIs (including the Push API), Getting the latest updates from sites with notifications, Adding your favorite sites to your homescreen is now even easier, Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements, Faster Checkout – Quickly and securely complete checkout forms with data from Google Wallet, Touch to Search – Learn more about words and phrases by touching them on your screen, Change in the loading page circle on Chrome tabs. Ist der Browserkrieg nun beendet? One tap and the page is quickly translated for you. If you find a new issue, please let us know by. followed by "When was it built? Starting with Firefox 24, Firefox users can access the same menu on the about:support page as well that they can open directly in Firefox's address bar or by clicking on the Firefox button and selecting Help > Troubleshooting Information. Reduce data usage in Chrome up to 50%. Systems will be receiving updates over the next several days. Name: * Email: * (never displayed) Rating: Comment: * 1000. This is similar to existing WebGL functionality and can improve the rendering performance of your app. Type msconfig in Run window, and hit Enter to open System Configuration. Chrome gegen Edge: Google hat die Sicherheitswarnung gegen Microsofts Edge Chromium gestoppt. Discuss File an issue Privacy About File an issue Privacy About Flash Player end of support notifications now displaying at every launch unless Flash is disabled. Extensions page generates packages in CRX3 format now. The following table summarizes the release history for the Google Chrome web browser. Thus systems such as Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS, Debian 6's 2.20, and RHEL 6's 2.18 are now among those marked as deprecated. Thank you for visiting the Windows 10, version 1809 update history page today. Bei mobilen Geräten kannst du automatische Updates für die Chrome App deaktivieren. To reflect this change, the release notes for Windows 10, version 1903 and Windows 10, version 1909 will share an update history page. Das Google Chrome Update ist genauso einfach wie das Windows Update. Enable updates. Google Chrome speichert alle benutzerrelevanten Daten, wie Lesezeichen, Erweiterungen, Passwörter usw. On your computer, open Chrome. October 15, 2020 We've just released Chrome Beta 88 (88.0.4324.89) for Android: it's now available on Google Play. Systems will be receiving updates over the next several days. Entdecken Sie praktische Apps, Spiele, Erweiterungen und Designs für Google Chrome. What may be interesting is that Mozilla has decided to improve the visibility of the update history menu. At the top right, click More . If you would like to learn more about how to use these pages and make the most of them, see our blog post . Long press on an image to search for related images, Tab indicators for sound, webcam and casting, Various under-the-hood changes for stability and performance, Add web page shortcuts right to your home screen more easily from the menu. New Tab Page update to make searching faster and easier. View article suggestions for you on the new tab page, Play media in the background for sites that support it, Update saved passwords when you change or reset your password, No internet connection? Fixed a crash involving dialogs presented while switching tabs. You can access all your other devices’ Bookmarks by clicking on the other folders. The ability to reorder bookmarks is back! The first stable release on Android was Chrome 18.0.1025123 (Chrome for Android). The first stable release in macOS and Linux was Google Chrome 5.0.375. in Wallet, Updated app selection UI when you tap on an email link, Improved issue reporting: now you can draw on screenshots you are sending with feedback reports to obscure private data, A fix has been provided for autofill issue (June 13). SCTP for WebRTC Data Channel allows P2P data transfers between browsers to be either best effort, reliable, or semi reliable, opening up use cases such as gaming. Review Chrome Dev release date, changelog and more. Ist der Browserkrieg nun beendet? The folder named "All Bookmarks" has been removed from the Bookmarks view. Hi, everyone! Enable this feature and view your savings: Settings > Bandwidth > Reduce Data Usage. Ein Update wird in der Regel automatisch ausgeführt. Noch effizienter arbeiten mit dem neuen Google Chrome. This is exactly what I am looking for, however I forgot to mention I am on a Mac (Lion). CSS Scroll Snap allows you to create smooth, slick, scroll experiences. This wikiHow teaches you how to update the Google Chrome browser on your computer and mobile devices. Changes for v34.0.1847.131 - v34.0.1847.137. Consider using MutationObserver instead. Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google LLC. Experimental touch friendly user interface adjustments. Under the Automatic Downloads section, tap the white oval next to “Updates.” The white oval will have a green portion. Of course, you need to be connected to the Internet for this to happen. Januar 2020 veröffentlicht. Die folgende Anleitung ist nur für ältere Windows-Versionen gültig. The listener parameter should be a function that looks like this: (removed: object) => {...} removed. Improved handling of links to the App Store. "Tab discarding" was enabled by default in chrome://flags, Window change in right-clicking an embedded web link, The key icon in "Save your password" turns black, "Clear browsing history" has been improved. Die folgende Anleitung ist nur für ältere Windows-Versionen gültig. You can also continue browsing in the same tab while your file downloads. Januar 2020 veröffentlicht. Secure and easy mobile payments via 3rd party payment apps, Password generation now works on more sites, New bottom toolbar: easier to reach frequently used functions, like Back, Search, tabs, and the menu, New tab grid: see bigger previews of your tabs, including tabs open on other devices, Features like Bookmarks and Reading Lists are now easily accessible on the New Tab Page, Press firmly on the app icon to see shortcuts (3D Touch), Credit cards you enter on your device are now securely synced to Google Pay for use on other devices (if enabled), The credential management API adds support for Public Key Credentials, Web Bluetooth is now available in Windows 10, Chrome can send intervention and deprecation messages to your servers using the Report-To HTTP Response header field or surface them in the ReportingObserver interface, Support for AV1 video decoder (“Main” profile 0), Bug fixes and design polish for the redesign, Updates to how Chrome launches other apps to improve reliability and security, Fixes to authentication issues caused by using out-of-date cookies, Displaying relative times is now part of the Intl API, Specifying which side of the text the underline should appear on for text that flows vertically, Requiring user activation before using the speech synthesis API, The default credentials mode for module script requests has changed from omit to same-origin, Shadow DOM v1 spec; calculation for specificity for the :host() and :host-context() pseudo classes as well as for the arguments for ::slotted(), Removed SpeechSynthesis.speak() without user activation, Removed URL.createObjectURL from MediaStream, The Element.requestFullscreen() method can now be customized, You can now long-press on an image and save to clipboard and paste in other apps, Autofill now works better on sites with iframes (embedded pages), Creating public class fields in JavaScript is now much cleaner, Localizing lists becomes way easier with the Intl.format() API, Chrome 72 changes the behavior of Cache.addAll() to better match the spec, Requests for favicons are now handled by the service worker, as long as the request URL is on the same origin as the service worker, Pages may no longer use window.open() to open a new page during unload, Deprecation of PaymentAddress.languageCode, Fixed crashes on some page translations and added translations on previously untranslated websites, A Siri Shortcut to start a new search is available, Creating portable content is easier with signed HTTP exchanges, Dynamically changing styles becomes way easier with constructable style sheets, Support for Progressive Web Apps arrives on macOS, bringing support for PWAs to all desktop and mobile platforms, matchAll() is a new regular expression matching method on the string prototype, and returns an array containing the complete matches, The element now supports imagesrcset and imagesizes properties to correspond to srcset and sizes attributes of HTMLImageElement, Blink's shadow blur radius implementation now matches Firefox and Safari, Dark mode is now supported on Mac, and Windows support is on the way, Removal of EXPLAIN and REINDEX support in WebSQL, Removal of isomorphic decoding of URL fragment identifier, Deprecation of 'drive-by downloads' in sandboxed iframes, Stoppage of support for external web extensions in CRX2 format, making CRX3 format required, Offline Content on the Dino Page: easily browse suggested articles while offline, Lite pages: get optimized pages that save data and load faster, Tap on the icons above the keyboard and easily access your saved passwords, addresses and credit card information, Creating private class fields in JavaScript is now much cleaner, You can detect when the user has requested a reduced motion experience, Adds new feature policy APIs to check if features are enabled or not, Removal of PaymentAddress's languageCode property, Deprecation of drive-by downloads in sandboxed iframes, Translate any web page instantly by selecting Translate from the menu, You can now paste pictures from your clipboard into the omnibox to search. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. To check for new updates of the browser, follow the steps below: Open Google Chrome; Click on the vertical three dots at the top right of the window. The Beta channel has been updated to 88.0.4324.96 for Windows, Mac and Linux. In that case, only those updates required to keep Windows running smoothing will … Wählen Sie dort im Menü den Punkt "Info" aus. If you use Chrome/Chromium to surf the web then this runner for plasma may be useful. HTML5 audio/video and WebAudio now support 24-bit PCM wave files, Note: This is the last version of Chrome that will run on Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard. So können Sie überprüfen, ob eine neue Version verfügbar ist: Öffnen Sie auf Ihrem Android-Smartphone oder -Tablet die Play Store App . Mayank Parmar - November 17, 2020. Typically, Google updates the Chrome browser automatically on your computer. object. True if all history was removed. Passiert das nicht, erscheint eine Fehlermeldung. I like that Chrome auto-updates itself, because it means that when I'm using it I know I'm always using the latest and safest version possible. Display Cutouts lets you use the full area of the screen, including any space behind the display cutout, sometimes called a notch. Silent installs of external extensions are now disabled by default. Ein Update ist also immer an ein Systemupdate gebunden. Der neue Browser Microsoft Edge basiert auf Chrome und wurde am 15. Reduce your data usage by up to 50%. True if all history was removed. Fixed a user-reported issue that resulted in hangs and significant slowdowns when switching tabs. Chrome gegen Edge: Google hat die Sicherheitswarnung gegen Microsofts Edge Chromium gestoppt. Hi, everyone! Brought tab switching back into Chrome (Android L+). This will trigger Google Update and will check for new updates automatically. Alternativ können Sie Windows-Updates auch manuell installieren oder den Browser direkt über die Microsoft-Webseite herunterladen. Find out how, . Klicken Sie oben rechts im Bildschirm auf das Zahnrad-Symbol. Bluetooth keyboards can open, close or change tabs or conduct a voice search. JavaScript arrays are getting two new methods: flat() and flatMap(). Easily download music, videos, and even full web pages for viewing offline, View and share your downloads within Chrome, See misspelled words highlighted in text fields. Microsoft Edge’s history menu is a new feature you won’t find in Chrome. Older versions of Linux, e.g. Discuss File an issue Privacy About File an issue Privacy About Hi everyone! ", "Other bookmarks" tab has changed appearance. The Stable channel is being updated to 87.0.4280.142 (Platform version: 13505.100.0) for most Chrome OS devices. To improve the information presented in the history pages and related KBs and make them more useful to our customers, we have created an anonymous survey for you to share your comments and feedback. The Web Locks API allows you to asynchronously acquire a lock, hold it while work is performed, then release it. When enabled, it searches in Chrom* history. (undocumented). The following table summarizes the release history for the Google Chrome web browser. Starting with Firefox 24, Firefox users can access the same menu on the about:support page as well that they can open directly in Firefox's address bar or by clicking on the Firefox button and selecting Help > Troubleshooting Information. Interested in switching release channels? The Beta channel has been updated to 88.0.4324.87 for Windows, Mac and Linux. "This month's update represents the largest gain in Chrome performance in years, thanks to many under-the-hood improvements," wrote Matt Waddell, director of product for Chrome, in the Nov. 17 post. Version history for Google Chrome < About Google Chrome. Directory access for Apps allows Chrome Apps to access and write to user-approved folders. This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported. listener. The default preload value for

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