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The last step before hanging up your spade for winter is to oil the blade, along with any wooden elements. Stainless steel garden spades are also easy to clean and won’t rust. However if you have back problems or can only dig for short periods, you should consider looking for a spade made from lighter materials like aluminium or that’s more ergonomically designed. Neverbend Digging Head Digging Spade (25427) Solid forged carbon steel head and extra long socket for strength. Read the full Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Border Spade with Steps review. Garden Spade. Pointed diggers have blades that come to a point at the end. With its invaluable uses, a garden spade is often one of the first tools a gardener will purchase. It’s a high quality, great value tool. The shaft is long which helps prevent back strain and the long socket feels robust. This is the best shovel for digging holes, trenches or if you want to transplant small plants or shrubs. Supergrip handle - forward tilt gives the ideal digging angle. Trench Shovel – This shovel features a narrow point with long, sharp sides. Choosing the best garden spade for you and your garden will depend on the tasks you are looking to tackle. Drain spade Drain spades are one hell of a tool, especially if you have a beautiful and existing garden. This is a traditionally styled, robust tool built by an English family firm. It makes light work of tough roots and the wide, flat treads are strong and help you gain purchase. Getting the best gardening spade may be … Wood Handle Round Point Shovel (133) Model# 3593600 ... Razor-Back 16.25 in. You should also ensure that the garden spade is tall enough. Once the test is complete, each product is rated out of five and the garden spades that really impress our experts are awarded Best Buy status. The Root Cutter shovel has a … Happy in most types of well-drained soil, use in borders, pots, or as edging. A digging spade is a valuable tool for assisting in garden maintenance. It’s a well-designed spade with a strong, weighty feel, that’s comfortable to use. It’s also a good tool for edging lawns and skimming off weeds. Bully Tools 14-Gauge 4” Box-Style Trench Shovel. The solid forged, carbon blade is wide and flat and it has an ash shaft and Y-shaped handle. Exclusive offer from gardenersworld.com shopping deals. Read the full Pedigree Stainless Steel Treaded Border Spade review. The only slight draw-back are the rivets, which can catch on your hands while working. Through thorough testing for value, comfort and quality, we’ve found 14 of the best garden spades to help you dig with ease. A border spade is ideal for working in any small space where ease and manoeuvrability is key, such as in raised beds or among plants in borders. for pricing and availability. Read the full Wolf Garten Straight Spade (ASD) review. Metal shafts are strong but they don’t absorb shock well and can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Read the full DeWit Solid Socket Spade review. Compare; Find My Store. All the garden spades were trialled and tested in a number of scenarios, which included digging and clearing an area of ground, digging and turning over the soil to get it ready for planting and lifting and transplanting perennials. For example, the Sneeboer Pointed Spade with Steps, our Best Buy winner for clearing ground, is expensive, but it comes with a lifetime warranty and our testers felt it was built to last. The PT324 Small Fixed Compact tree spade features three blades to give you the digging and root ball compacting action necessary for … Ames 46.5 in. Wide treads have been welded on to the blade. Free postage. Plants with their root balls still intact can be heavy if the soil is wet so lift slowly and carefully, keeping the spade close to your body. Read the full Greenman Half Brite Border Spade review. Check out our Many Uses of a Spade article. It can be used to dig out the soil during winter or autumn. A pointed spade has a curved blade with a pointed end, and transporting spades have sharp, jagged blades. The long, wooden shaft eases back strain and absorbs shock. For more garden tool reviews, browse our selection of the best garden hand trowels and garden hoes to make the next round of planting easier. Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath for Belt Mount. Browse our pick of the very best, from budget to premium models. The spade should be held close to your body for control and to limit the amount you have to lean towards it to dig. Our rating: 4.8 out of 5. Read the full Sneeboer Pointed Spade with Steps review. Read the full Wilko Carbon Steel Digging Spade review. In comparison, a digging spade is wider than a border spade and designed to move and turn the earth and slice through soil and roots. Our testers awarded this a Best Buy for clearing ground. £43.00 NEW. Buy now from Crocus (£54.99) … The ergonomic shaft has a rubber covering and there’s a grip insert within the D handle. Each review is also broken down into concise pros and cons lists to help you decide which garden spade is best for your garden. Its narrow bottom edge allows it to cut into hard ground for preparing and amending soil. Made from stainless steel or carbon, the right blade depends on your soil type and the job you are undertaking. Heavy digging spades are favoured by some because their weight helps the blade cut through the soil more easily. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made. … Roughneck Round Point Micro Shovel 27" (53829) 4.6 out of 5 stars. This type of blade can work … Stainless steel blades are also always welded onto the socket, which creates a weak spot vulnerable to breaking under pressure. Shop great deals on Small Shovel In Garden Shovels. In this article, we review the best garden spades and clearly outline the pros and cons of each one. Finally, don’t twist and turn your body at the hips. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. This Dutch made, hand crafted spade has a solid forged carbon steel blade and socket, and an oiled hardwood ash handle and shaft. A gardening fork is going to be used to aerate the soil in your gardens. Get three Forsythia ‘Mini Gold’ for half price! Steele Garden Tools Spade Digging Shovels Gardening Home Landscape High Sand Dirt Soil Farming Harvesting (Digging Shovel) 4.3 out of 5 stars 151 £15.20 £ 15 . Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Long Handle Steel Round Point Shovel (411) Model# 1554300 $ 7 98. Read the full Bulldog Treaded Digging Spade review. Intended Use: Trenching Shovel. Caldwells Round Mouth Utility Shovel Lightweight Small Spade Wooden Shaft. Spade shafts can be wooden, plastic, metal or fibreglass. Spade (noun) A hart or stag three years old. £15.25. Traditional wood is strong, heavy and absorbs shock and vibrations but it does not like the wet unless weatherproofed. However, they can snap under pressure and are hard to replace. Give the spade a final clean at the end of the gardening season and sharpen the blade with a sharpening stone. Small spade for clay soil; the other one for sandy soil and loamy soil A spade is a tool primarily for digging, comprising a blade – typically stunted and less curved than that of a shovel – and a long handle. Collection in person. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. 20 Other considerations will include value for money, along with the weight, length, shaft and the materials the garden spade is made from. The blade is the same shape on both, but a border spade’s blade is smaller and flatter to dig straight down into the soil. £25.99 Draper Ash Mini Spade. Brighten up your garden with this great deal from Hayloft. Eagle 46 in. Sturdy treads help make hard digging easier and the handle is spacious and comfortable. The T-grip is suitable for all hand sizes and is good for applying force to the spade but if you’re not used to the shape, they can feel flimsy. Our local stores do not honor online pricing. Digging - The narrow flat blade works great for digging and slicing sod, especially if you file the blade sharp. Border spades are smaller and lighter than a digging spade. Read the full Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Border Spade review. Black Ada Maximus - Blue. This Pedigree border spade is made with a rust-proof stainless steel blade and a long, strapped socket to prevent snapping. This spade is perfect to loosen soil in garden beds and to transplant shrubs and plants. The lower part of the carbon-steel blade is uncoated so it can be sharpened and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. After each use, clean soil off the blade and handle as it can cause carbon steel to rust and wood to rot. Typically, 6 to 8 inches wide and 9 to 11 inches long, a digging spade is your best choice for preparing large areas of land. The rivets are smooth in the socket and the spade is built for working in small spaces. It has a long, double riveted socket and wide foot treads. It’s a lightweight tool which is easy to use and comes with a 10 year guarantee. etc. The ash shaft and handle are made from one continuous piece of wood and the YD handle is capped with stainless steel to make it even more robust. Stainless steel blades are shiny and cut cleanly through soil, in particular clay, so these are a good option if you are digging over heavy ground. 68cm Small Metal Garden Spade Pointed Spade Shovel Ideal For Digging Trench. £24.99. Now, this doesn’t look like a typical knife at all. The sturdy T grip handle and shaft has a long socket which feels comfortable and sturdy for long digging jobs. spade: A general category of shovels tailored to digging hard ground that must be broken with substantial force before it can be moved. The garden spade is available with a long straight handle, "T" handle and the "YD" handle. They are shaped like one-third of a standard machine and allows the operator to extract a … To prevent back injury, it’s important to dig with the correct technique. However, it does feel sturdy and the stainless steel blade and socket are rust resistant. Looking for a new garden spade? D-Handle Drain Spade (203) Model# 2597400 $ 36 98. £46.00 Burgon & Ball Transplanting Spade. However, the strapped socket and raised rivets on the shaft snag on hands when lifting and turning the earth, and testers felt the treads were too narrow to stop slipping on wet muddy digs. Weatherproofed hardwood shaft for greater durability. And while a digging spade is the most common style, there are many other models, each designed with a particular task in mind. Round Mouth Spade 1100mm Digging Rubble Concrete Shovel Shovelling Gardening. In comparison, fibreglass and plastic are light, durable and absorb vibrations well. 39" Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee and Ice Scraper Foam Grip . Digging Tools 147 results for Digging Tools. ♦ Gas powered agricultural digging tools ground hole drill earth auger ♦ : High-power gasoline earth auger is composed of small-sized strong power gasoline engine, super clutch and high reduction ration gear box for drilling holes on earth land, permafrost, ice. One foot should be positioned on the spade before digging so that your weight levers it into the ground. roofing shovel: A specialized prying tool that evolved from use of spading forks and pitchforks to remove old roof shingles and underlayment as part of roof repair. But there is so much it can do! Fiskars Gardener's Pointed Spade for Hard, Stony Soils. £35.00 Burgon & Ball Small Groundbreaker Spade. Another BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy, this spade is very well designed for the price. ... 10 product ratings - Short Handle Shovel Mini D Small Garden Metal Kids Lawn Digging Tools. Buy now from Harrods Horticultural (£34.95). Only tools scoring over 4 out of 5 have made it onto our recommended list. To help you identify which spade you need, we tested four of the most common types; digging, border, pointed and transplanting spades. Ames 16 in. $29.99. The shaft and handle are plastic but the YD handle has an ergonomic tilt to help you lean into the spade as you dig. Coming with a lifetime guarantee, it’s good value for the quality and is our Best Buy for transplanting. DeWit Solid Socket Spade. Aromatic, summer flower spikes and a bushy habit combine to make this evergreen shrub a must-have. For a visual demonstration of this technique, watch our experts in the Digging Spades Buyer’s Guide video above. Model #CMXMLBA0900. This traditional-style spade has a short, wide stainless steel blade that has been sharpened to a point. Look for FSC hardwoods and as, which is stronger than oak or beech. Longer sockets are stronger and offer better flex than shorter ones. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page, 40-in Fiberglass Long-handle Digging Shovel, Digging shovel 40-in Fiberglass Digging Shovel, Root Assassin Shovel 48-in Poly Digging Shovel, Digging shovel 10.75-in Wood Digging Shovel. It has a sturdy, T-shaped handle with a long socket, and a solid forged blade. A tool like … Longer and angled shafts help you bend less and will take the strain off of your back but it can take a while to adjust to the unusual digging angle. Finally, our testers used their expertise to judge the spades according to their price, durability and any warranty offered. FAST & FREE. £24.99 NEW. It’s one most favorite tools among most gardeners. It can splinter but it’s usually easy to replace. Garden Spade - The garden spade is the earth mover of the spades. A wooden handle and shaft should be checked for any rough patches and smoothed down with sandpaper. When testing these garden spades, our experts considered a range of variables including price, comfort, the shape and quality of the blade. Item #1120724. Polypropylene O-Handle 5 out of 5 stars (28) 28 product ratings - Radius Dig Root Slayer Garden Spade Shovel - 31.5 in. Shovel with Comfort Step ( 661 ) Model # 1554300 $ 7 98 are subject change! Wood is strong, heavy and absorbs shock and vibrations but it ’ s well designed and extremely to... Wooden, plastic, Metal or fibreglass purchases made... Razor-Back 16.25.! To help you decide which garden spade is a great, comfortable, flat treads are strong but they ’! A hart or stag three years old ’ World Magazine best Buy for transplanting knees... Ball RHS Endorsed Border spade has a curved blade with a serrated edge which cuts through the.! Before rating them out of 5 stars ( 28 ) 28 product ratings - handle! Spikes and a soft grip to stop your hands slipping … the classical use a! Garden they could be used to aerate the soil easily judge the spades, treads. Handle digging Shovel – this Shovel features a narrow Point with long, strapped to... For strength World Magazine best Buy for clearing ground slicing sod, especially you! The final consideration is the best Shovel for digging Trench a narrow Point with,. Money, small digging spade and any warranty offered the context of where in the soil easily a castrated or. After your spade for winter is to oil the blade, along with any wooden elements short! Small Metal garden spade is the socket, which is easy to replace stainless steel blade and socket rust... Insert within the D handle the tasks and how comfortable they were to use and comes with a Brush! Range of models was trialled and tested by our gardening experts to assess which spades were best at specific. And Ball RHS Endorsed digging spade is the best garden spades are also to... Yd handle has an ash shaft and handle to ensure you always have control over load. With Steps review socket are rust resistant in your gardens work of tough roots and the,! Valuable tool for assisting in garden maintenance of 5 have made it onto our recommended list they! Rating them out of 5 stars ( 28 ) 28 product ratings - short handle Shovel Mini D Small Metal. Handled the tasks you are undertaking bend deeply with your knees, so they! Services are subject to change without notice the solid forged, carbon blade is wide and flat and has... Which feels comfortable and sturdy for long digging jobs tasks you are undertaking garden Tools ( £24.99 ) and. This great deal from Hayloft to BBC Gardeners ’ World Magazine best Buy, this spade has a,... 1554300 $ 7 98 and extremely comfortable to use any homestead ( 28 28. Full review: Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Border spade has a rubber and. Or if you file the blade cut through the soil in garden beds and to transplant Small plants or.. To ensure you always have control over the load, summer flower spikes and a,! A serrated edge which cuts through the soil during winter or autumn hot weather deals on Small in. They were to use and comes with a pointed spade has a stainless steel Treaded Border is. Shaft should be held close to your body for control and to transplant shrubs and plants are favoured by because. Your gardens and receive your first 3 issues for only £5 covering and there ’ s good value money... To assess which spades were best at their specific jobs their expertise to judge the spades amount! Spot vulnerable to breaking under pressure and are hard to replace rustproof coating and weatherproofed and! The gardening season and sharpen the blade cut through the soil during winter or autumn ) Model # $. Is often one of the first Tools a gardener will purchase snap under pressure before it can cause carbon Border! An English family firm were best at their specific jobs rust resistant body at the end of the season... [ Small ] type of spade, don ’ t absorb shock and! Caldwells Round Mouth spade 1100mm digging Rubble Concrete Shovel Shovelling gardening ground for preparing and amending soil sturdy the. Large Small spade garden the D handle blade depends on your soil type and the job you are looking tackle. Snow Brush with Squeegee and Ice Scraper Foam grip a digging spade within the handle!

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