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Advanced level qualifications (level 3) results over time. We need this message to reach everyone. When I finished, I realised some of the others I had just gone past still had one more lap to go, which made me feel even better about what I had accomplished. A message from Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Lee. Having just 396 pupils, The Sele School is in the lowest category of attending students in the UK. Every year, the PE Department holds a Race for Life at the school, where everyone is invited to take part and raise money for Cancer Research. In Key Stage 3 the Year 7's looked at the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens; Year 8 investigated what makes up a community and Year 9 examined the Criminal Justice System. The prize for the best campaign team was awarded to the Liberal Democrats who had spent hours producing very professional videos, leaflets and posters and who were leading the campaigning around the school. Take what you have learnt at The Sele School and build on it. They were on their way to completing a very successful two years in our Sixth Form until the global pandemic abruptly ended their time at The Sele School. Saturday was another busy day enjoying Zip Wire, Orienteering, Crate Challenge and Course Challenge. Dementia has overtaken both cancer and heart disease to be the UK's biggest killer; unfortunately, no cure for dementia has been discovered as yet. orm Students demonstrated the role of leadership by supporting the Lower School in their lessons and taking a lead in group tasks. Congratulations to the Fund Raising Committee for Children in Need; the final total raised was £460.40. I then also enjoyed cheering my friends on to the finish. Cambridge University (@Cambridge_Uni) Tweeted: How do we navigate the values of #climatechange? I hope the results you have received today have met or exceeded your expectations. Year 10 Maths Enrichment Day at the University of Hertfordshire, After lunch the students were given a talk on ‘The Creation of Number’ delivered by Ben Sparks from the University of Bath. Having left Sendai on the Shinkansen “bullet” train the students travelled to Tokyo for an overnight stay and a day of sight-seeing. This September NHS England along with NHS Innovation, St John Ambulance and local providers, will launch their new national programme: The NHS Cadets. @BennettInst #BeyondGDP #Cambridge #MakeNatureCount. They attended the ‘Night School’ presentation by Professor Richard Wiseman where they explored the new science of sleep and dreaming. In amongst all the problems that have beset the world this year, we thought a good news story might make a really nice change. We congratulate them all on this fantastic achievement. Most qualifications have a difficulty level. For details of A Level and GCSE Results please go to our Performance and Results page. Articles of red clothing could be accessorised with a red nose for those who didn't mind being partially 'red in the face'. This gave me an insight into just how expensive it could be. Congratulations to all our Year 11's who worked hard and got the grades they deserved. With the support of Sele Governor, Stephen McEnally, students have been working hard to obtain sponsorship and raise money to enable them to participate in this chance of a lifetime. A Message from the Headteacher, Mr Quach. I am very proud of the fact that our collegiate approach (staff, students and parents/carers) to our students’ academic and personal success means that they can celebrate their achievements and begin forging a bright and productive future.”, Head of sixth Form, Jane Lee, “I am extremely proud of all the hard work our students have put in the over past two years and I wish them every success for the future in all their varied career paths.“, http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/index.html. A Level and GCSE Results. pioneering research, crucial support services and vital care. The room had been filled with an organic compound designed to make us cry. If you wish to attend please email, The Sele School and Herts Welcomes Refugees, Former Sele student releases Christmas song, Talented mother of Sele Student releases first album, For details of A Level and GCSE Results please go to our, NHS Cadets Programme launches in Hertfordshire. We had to choose a location and think carefully about the population, movement of people and goods as well as ensuring that the castle could be easily defended. Sep 2015 – Nov 2015 3 months. There was also had a workshop discovering the mathematics in magic. One student stated “My favourite part of the night was when we played Splash; in the game, we had to wrap up a water balloon in cardboard boxes and tape to protect it and then test if it would pop when being dropped from a high height.”. However, there were alliances to be made and by working together with John Warner School and both teams playing to their robots respective strengths there was a points bonanza propelling the Sele robot through the quarter and semi finals and into first place. However, there were also some that were just peculiar, including a Sainsbury’s receipt for a transaction amounting to just over £53.00. A*-C                                                                                       40%, A*-E                                                                                       92%, Best 3 A Levels Average Grade                                                   C, Vocational Average Grade                                                          M. Our Deputy Head Boy, Jacob Collins achieved an excellent set of results including 2 A*s (equivalent) in Maths and Sport Studies and will be reading Mathematics with Actuarial Science at the University of Southampton. After moving back to the UK and re-joining the music scene here, this summer Jenny finally achieved her lifelong ambition of writing and recording her own music, with lyrics by her partner, David White. This was the start of a point scoring, which ever team got the most points through the day would win. We look forward to following their academic journeys and have no doubt that they will use the foundation that they’ve built at The Sele School to propel them to even greater heights. Results day will be Tuesday 10 August. This year the trip was centred in Sendai a city in the North of Japan at the renown Tōhoku University. 90% of our students were successful in securing their first-choice university. Volunteer Experience. For more images of the Duke of Edinburgh Exhibition Event please go to Galleries. Five years living in New Zealand saw Jenny studying and gaining a diploma as a music teacher at the same time as pursuing a successful solo career. Following the government's decision to award the teacher assessment grade for A Levels, we will contact students once we have received a new results file/confirmation from the Exam Board. Sele students need to know they can be the first in their family, or their street or the first in Hertfordshire to achieve........that space could be filled with any goal or target - maybe as big a target as being the first person from your country to attend Cambridge University? Founded in 1850, The University of Utah is the flagship institution of higher learning in Utah, and offers over 100 undergraduate and more than 90 graduate degree programs to over 30,000 students. Our other mention in the national press came in the Saturday magazine of The Guardian when a 'Let's move to' article featured Hertford and listed The Sele School as being 'good' in accordance with our most recent Ofsted report. ... chief executive of the Grammar School Heads Association, said the results … There was a positive atmosphere on the day and I spoke to many of the parents and those who were being screened, before and after the event. Our Head Boy will be taking  a role in the back stage organisation that makes the performance run smoothly, while one of his fellow Sixth Formers has multiple roles as a dancer, zombie and sprite. Congratulations to Izzy who built the robot, Callum the programmer, Bruno the strategist and to Tom, Josh and Megan who drove the robot through 14 challenges to take the title. Grants were also awarded to three other local organisations and good causes. Ending with dancing the evening away at the Disco! Underpass Art Gallery. Now the Leverhulme Research Fellow in Volcanology at Cambridge University's Department for Earth Sciences; Emma's research involves the measurement of the metals in volcanic emissions. Here are the GCSE results for those who sat exams at Sale Grammar School in 2019. The science workshops culminated with each workshop presenting their findings to their peers, university professors and sponsors representatives including Tetsuya-Kodama, Chair of Barclays, Japan who addressed the presentation event. When asked about her early education, Emma referred to attending The Sele School, followed by studying Earth Sciences at Oxford then a PhD in Volcanology at Bristol University. Most students who completed a vocational course or BTEC qualification in either Business Studies, Health and Social Care; Sport Studies or Media, achieved a number of Merits and/or Distinctions and Distinction *s. The Year 12 results are also encouraging and there is much to celebrate here too. Each representative spoke about what the money could do for their charity; Sharn  Tomlinson exclaimed "We were very impressed with the school; it was a pleasure to meet the young people. Joe was very surprised at his victory and thanked his opponents and his team for all their hard work. Our work at Key Stage 3 is designed to allow students to be ready to access this work at KS4. We are encouraged to get sponsored to do the run and we can even wear fancy dress on the day! The private event was funded from the Mathew Blease Memorial Fund held by CRY. At these Millennium Hope Hills Victoria said, “I have felt inspired by how the Japanese work as a community to restore their lives and prevent future devastations.”  Adding “Japan is a very beautiful country and I have loved every second, so I am very grateful for this opportunity.”. He also thanked the voters for recognising the qualities he had as a candidate. Each year group focused on a different theme. Undoubtedly, for parents/carers, students and teachers, the weeks leading up to today would have been a mixture of excitement and trepidation. A-level and GCSE results: Pressure mounts on ministers to solve exam crisis. After watching The Sele School students perform a dance which was based on the values of the Award; challenge, teamwork and independence, he then spent a few minutes speaking with the dancers about their experiences of doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. ... Haygrove Secondary School GCSE. Every Tuesday after school from 3pm to 4pm the school’s Year 11 mathematicians run our Maths Club. Anyone can get it, anyone can be a carrier. mirror. After contacting Jenny for more information about her history and development as a musician it was interesting to learn that she started learning to play the guitar at the age of nine and co-opted her pianist elder sister into learning some songs they could perform together in talent shows. Students at The Sele should be proud of their commitment to their studies which has enabled them to pursue a pathway that is appropriately interesting and challenging for them. Virtually all pupils are from White British families. Pupils get GCSE grades as BTec results are pulled. One of our Year 9 Students writes about our annual fund raising Fun Run - the Race for Life. The form captains promoted their charities during their time at school by delivering assemblies to raise awareness about the work of their charity and arranged a fund raising event. We hope to do a little to help, with members of staff and students joining in the school's fundraising efforts. This was the culmination of nine months of weekly sessions spent designing, building and programming the robot and was a first time win in this Tournament for The Sele School. Once their younger sister joined them 'The Salmon Sisters' were often to be found gigging at live music venues all over the UK, when Jenny was still only 13 years old. They dipped into the Heavy Metal Mayhem of the Marine World in ‘The Blowfish’ seminar. Each of the charities were chosen after a vote by the students when they were lower down the school. Gemma Caruana also performed very well gaining 168 UCAS points and subsequently has been successful at her choice to read Accountancy at Nottingham University. Year 11 students at The Sele School in Hertford presented cheques to representatives from three different charities during their assembly. Recognising the fantastic educational opportunity offered through the Clifton Scientific Trust's UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop Programme, the Town Council's Finance, Policy and Administration Committee voted to award The Sele School £1,200 to enable our students to participate in this prestigious scheme. On Friday 17th May, 45 students and five members of Staff set off for Liddington in Wiltshire. Click on the name of a school … They will be discussing tips on how to manage boredom, adapting to change, and promoting ways to help manage our mental health, as well as answering any questions live! We then were given a worksheet, full of questions about the information displayed about the many items on display in the museum and gradually we all completed the worksheet. We know our students have fabulous creative writing talents and plan is to launch a virtual anthology of their work. In The National Space Academy lecture they explored the ideas and concepts of space and what it is like to be an astronaut. Sharn Tomlinson accepted the cheque on behalf of Keech Hospice; Sally Patterson accepted the funds raised on behalf of Mind in Mid Herts and Ian Vallance collected the donation on behalf of The Smile Train. Due to CV-19 on this occasion the meeting will be held remotely. We hope that they all 'break a leg' as the saying goes. The Sixth form results have been released and it has been an excellent set of grades for our Sixth Formers. Whilst the first two floors were inundated by water and debris. It demonstrates that knowledge can be used to not only improve our own circumstances but also the environment and how a nation prospers from its natural resources. Cambridge University (@Cambridge_Uni) Tweeted: How do we navigate the values of #climatechange? We expect great things of them in the coming academic year. To qualify, Lily had to independently travel to the Isle of Coll, Scotland, via train, ferry and road to complete a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging week in order to demonstrate to the charity she has what it takes. Many students will be inspired by Nathan’s excellent results and we wish him the very best in his future endeavours as he reads Mathematics at Warwick University. At The Sele School, we aim to give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school. After a rigorous selection process Victoria  and Jordan were invited to represent the school in Japan. Our students’ destinations are varied with some going into the world of work; some taking a gap year to help them decide on their future path and some are off to university. 84% of students attaining a Grade 4 (equivalent to a Grade C) or above in mathematics. Well done- your teachers, all the staff and I are very proud of you. Well done on a deserved outcome for all our students considering the circumstances you found yourselves in the final months leading to the end of your sixth form experience. Feeling fed up with repeats of old Christmas Specials on TV and hoping for something a bit more thought provoking? They had also taken over the school canteen’s cakes with their Liberal Democrat flags! At year 11 (Age 15+), students will sit for their first major examination which is GCSE / Pre-A-Levels. If you wish to attend please email Clerk@sele.herts.sch.uk so that an invitation to join the virtual meeting can be arranged. 'Happy as a Happy Thing' is how we feel about our extremely talented former student, Cedar Johnson, who has written, performed and produced this emotional and humbling song and video summing up our lives at the moment in this time of uncertainty and unknown. We are pleased to be able to confirm that Hertford Town Council, through their Community grant scheme, has generously supported our fund raising drive to enable four of our Year 12 students to travel to Japan this summer. After really bad luck with the weather caused Sports Day to be run in stages while dodging the summer downpours, we finally have a result: Year 7           Year 8           Year 9            Year 10       Overall    Points, 1st          Bayley           Bayley             Castle            Castle          Bayley    1265, 2nd        Castle            Castle             Bayley            Bayley          Castle     1217, 3rd         Shire              Shire               Shire              Shire            Shire      1066. Picture: Ian Burt Photography Other students who also secured fantastic GCSE outcomes through their sheer hard work, attitude and determination were Ellie Jackson, Hannah Butlin, Jose Rodrigues and Bento Rodrigues. Then we were tasked with writing a letter to the builder, detailing what we wanted to be in our castle and how we wanted it designed. After lunch the students were given a talk on ‘The Creation of Number’ delivered by Ben Sparks from the University of Bath. We hope that as a school we have helped you become the outstanding young people you are and that you are able to celebrate some excellent results. Here the students attended workshops where Victoria investigated cellular viability using fluorescent probe technique and Jordan researched and produced innovative science supported defence and avoidance strategies in the wake of natural disasters. To everyone who made a donation to replenish the Mathew Blease memorial fund this will help us to fund another event in partnership with Bengeo Tigers FC. The cohort for 2018/2019 included a large number of students (14% of the final cohort) who joined the year group after they had started their GCSE studies. All donations were distributed between the three charities and presented at the assembly. Huge congratulations go out to former Sele School student, Alex Harris, who has, this month, achieved his Doctorate in Medicine from Cambridge University. Candidates and their teams promoted their parties in various ways across the school, ranging from leaflets and posters to campaign songs, campaign videos and interrupting assemblies to promote their message. New updated figures released today reveal exactly how well students at schools up and down the country did in their GCSE … We were given a bag of random gifts.”. The coach journey home was a very quiet one and although most of the students were very tired they all agreed that they had enjoyed a great time away. Congratulations to all of you for successfully completing your GCSEs under such extraordinary circumstances. Most teachers took part in the race and the others are placed along the course cheering you along the way, however, if you are like me and jog the whole route, you won’t have much breath to talk back! Bengeo Tigers FC, Committee, coaches, parents and players for their support. Click here to listen: Key Stage 3 Creative Writing Competition - Summer 2020. The Salmon Sisters played together for ten years, backing some of the big names of the time and appearing on TV, before deciding to pursue new careers, which saw Jenny become a solo artist. This initiative will raise funds for Genetic Disorders UK which provides services for families with a member who has a genetic disorder. The students had a great day exploring science, technology, engineering and maths! Our Head Girl, Regina achieved an A in Spanish; a B in Art and a Merit in Health and Social Care and is off to study Events Management with Spanish at the University of Hertfordshire. At the beginning of the race I wanted to walk, but when we were encouraged to jog at least some of it, once I’d got started I didn’t want to stop jogging. Green Recovery that puts people and planet first. It was an exhibition that took a slightly different form to the art that you would normally expect to see. Statistics show there are 12 young people die a week of undiagnosed heart conditions. The students were engaged with the variety of tasks they undertook during the day. A broad education, such as studying a modern foreign language, allows them to pursue adventures abroad and be a force for good in their community and their nation when they return. We need to prevent this from happening to other children. Rankings are based on the percentage of GCSE/IGCSE entries awarded 9-7 or A* and A grades.To qualify for inclusion there must be a minimum of 20 students in the cohort. As your teachers, we have always taken our responsibility to help you achieve your potential and become dynamic, healthy and curious young people seriously and we are optimistic about a bright future that awaits you all. Number of students 91 % Passes at A*/A - 35.59 % Passes at A/B - 55.87 % Passes at A/E - 99.29. The session will be recorded and available for people to watch later. Frejya Coltman-West, one of the Sele dancers, said ”We had an amazing experience performing in front of the Prince; it was an occasion I will never forget”. In 2017, the most recent results available, 50% of pupils at The Sele School gained at least 5 A* to C or 9-4 grade GCSES including English and Maths at 9 to 4. After the screening session the following message was posted on social media by Karen Blease, whose son Mathew passed due to a heart condition; the fund that Karen and her husband started in memory of their son helped to fund the event: On Saturday 29th February Bengeo Tigers FC hosted their first Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) heart screening event for 14 to 35 year olds at The Sele School, Hertford. F. or further info, please click on the link: Talented Year 10 GCSE Drama Student has written and recorded a brilliant monologue about the devastating personal and public effects of the Covid-19 Emergency. Deadline for questions sent in advance is Monday 13th July at 12pm. ", Elaine Buxton, Head of Years 10 and 11 who arranged the initiative, said "It is fantastic to see our young people so engaged in choosing and supporting these causes. Should you be interested in becoming involved in FOSS details of who can join and how to get in touch are on the FOSS page of our website. We held sheep’s brain, pig’s brain and giraffe toe! Thanks to Tesco, Hertford - Performing Arts Fundraiser, Update on the Japan Trip Fundraising drive, Hertford Town Council supports Sele students, UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop Programme, the Town Council's Finance, Policy and Administration Committee voted to award, Sele students in Hertford Dramatic and Operatic Society Panto, FOSS - Raising Funds for Performing Arts Equipment, Jeans for Genes Day - fundraising for Genetic Disorders UK, Dementia Cupcake Day - fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society. The Sele School Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 7 December starting at 18.30. At the end of February, The Sele School was happy to host a screening event run by CRY in conjunction with Bengeo Tigers FC. An unprecedented 50% of entries achieved grades 8 and 9 (previously … At Sele we are a community of scholars and relish the fact that every area of study contains its own unique knowledge to be acquired and developed into mastery of the subject. Lily is now busy raising the £6,000 required to pay for her flight and lodgings for the year that she will spend in Hyderabah, India; working at a school for blind children. I attended last year and I hope to be chosen again this year. The Secondary School education journey begins from year 7 to year 13. At The Sele School, we believe in a knowledge-rich curriculum which encourages students to become scholars. England's best and worst schools for GCSE results - how yours compares. We are overwhelmed and delighted that the School has been chosen as one of only five schools across the UK to participate in this prestigious international Young Scientists Workshop and we thank Hertford Town Council for their generous contribution.”. The Sele School is privileged to have been offered a place on this prestigious scheme for the third time, as this opportunity is only open to five schools nationwide. Every speech was well researched and delivered, with a huge focus being on the Education, Health and Environmental Policies each party had. Mention must also be made of the excellent progress of Ally who achieved an A in Geography; a Distinction in Business and a B in English. Josh Mockridge, Brooke Mills- Ward, Teagan Fossey, Freyja Coltman-West and Daisy Corbett, who are all doing their Bronze award, produced a flawless dance routine, which they had spent many weeks preparing under the guidance of their dance teacher Erin O’ Dell and with the support of Richard Eversley, Design and Technology teacher and Duke of Edinburgh leader, Richard Eversley. We are extremely proud of you and your tremendous achievement, Dr Harris, and wish you every success in a long and distinguished career in medicine. Discover the catchment area for The Sele School, read parent reviews and see exam results. The weather for the weekend looked promising with no forecast of rain. Prizes were also awarded to the most organised team, which was the Conservative Party, led by William Quinton. Two sixth form students from the Sele school, accompanied by teacher, Robin Atkins, spent ten days during the summer taking part in a prestigious UK - Japan cultural and scientific exchange. For details of A Level and GCSE Results please go to our Performance and Results page. The Sele School is delighted to have been invited to take part in an Underpass Art initiative, turning this usually plain space into an informal Art Gallery. Several our students will be studying at various local colleges including: Fashion course at Herts Regional College as well as a course in Nursing and Midwifery. So if you had made your plan complicated, then it would be a harder job to create it. Throughout the day, the students participated in multiple activities which included a workshop that required them to create a pyramid with a regular hexagonal base using just a 20cm square piece of card. Thanks to Tesco, Hertford Key Stage 3 students will be able to enjoy drinks and snacks when they attend a special - for one night only - fundraising Movie Night at The Sele School on Thursday 13 February. Year 7 student Niamh writes enthusiastically about a recent history project. There are only four members per team so we work hard in order to be chosen to represent the school. Click here to listen: Corona Virus Monologue. These students had a disproportionate effect on the results and therefore we have indicated not only the school’s total results but also those of the students who were in the school for the entirety of their GCSE studies. As a preeminent research and teaching institution, the University cultivates an academic environment in which the highest standards of intellectual integrity and scholarship are practiced. The Cadet programme aims to support vulnerable young people aged 14-16 to access meaningful volunteer experiences within a healthcare environment while enjoying relevant training and development opportunities. Telephone: 01992 581455 A number of students have achieved ‘Personal bests’ by meeting or exceeding their ambitious targets that were set for them two years ago and many of them have been thanking their teachers for their relentless support which helped them to achieve these excellent results. Overall, the trip was an adventurous and exhilarating expedition that the students  would love to do again. The Sele First School is larger than average and has a Nursery with 78 part-time places. Each candidate also had a fair bit to say about the other parties’ policies, as well as Brexit! The top school for GCSE results was the Blue Coat School, an academy in Liverpool, where all 124 students gained at least five C grades. This year, whilst under strange circumstances marked by U-turns and confusion, we still managed to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and positive attitudes of our Year 11 and Year 10 students. the feed back was very positive. That first bus journey was an awesome showcase of the natural beauty of Japan: green, glowing, healthy rice paddies as far as the eye could see. One of the team reports that the Sele robot had four wheels and a claw that operated with brutal force but it seemed as though the team might be down and out when the claw stopped functioning while the team was lying in third place. Tickets for the pantomime are available from Hertford Theatre box office. *As some subjects are still using the former system of grading for results (A* to G), some schools … We are pleased to hear from the charity 'Herts Welcomes Refugees' that donations from The Sele School and Morgans Primary School have helped the charity to reach their target of having enough gifts for all of the children in the county. It has been so successful that we hope to repeat this in the future with up and coming year groups.". Ivy from 8 Shire said I really liked the Night School because it was talking about how your brain reacts to different things and we got to look at illusions and we learnt more about what happens in your brain when you’re asleep. Many of the pieces throughout the galleries were designed to be thought provoking, forcing you to stop and think for a minute. We are immensely proud of Lily for taking on this huge commitment and all the volunteering work she currently does at Myddleton School, Ware alongside her A Level studies. To the class of 2019/2020 - ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’ and enjoy the next step in your learning journey. At our recent Open Day visiting children learned about religious symbols and were tasked with recreating them using only biscuits and icing; there were some excellent results. Stay inside, save lives, it doesn’t matter if you’re just a kid.

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