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Part 3 of 3 looks at balancing two claims – not too big, not too small – to shift the conversation about open education. Groups provides a flexible environment to organize, create, share, and discuss resources … Save. [82] Its Wikieducator's Learning4Content project builds skills in the use of MediaWiki and related free software technologies for mass collaboration in the authoring of free content and claims to be the world's largest wiki training project for education. [2], The idea of open educational resources (OER) has numerous working definitions. Such policies are emerging increasingly at the country, state/province and more local level. In the beginning, the Connexions project focused on creating an open repository of user-generated content. Free learning resources are core to our social mission, but we are also aware that the return on investment in this area is a very important by-product in terms of reputation building, brand recognition, new market opportunities, technology innovation, partnership formation and, most significantly triggering new student registrations. TCC is the 11th largest public two-year college in the nation, enrolling nearly 47,000 students annually.[95]. [75] Like the content in OpenStax CNX, OpenStax books are available under Creative Commons CC BY licenses that allow users to reuse, remix, and redistribute content as long as they provide attribution. The platform expects to collect 5000 courses during the first year that can be reused by teachers worldwide. By applying the open source process to education, Curriki empowers educational professionals to become an active community in the creation of good curricula. Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning and research materials in any medium – digital or otherwise – that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions. The objectives of the project are: To increase the level of national collaboration between universities and educational organisations in the use and production of OER, To find effective online methods to support teachers and students, in terms of quality, technology and retrievability of OER, To raise awareness for the potential of webinars as a tool for open online learning, To increase the level of collaboration between universities' support functions and foster national resource sharing, with a base in modern library and educational technology units, and To contribute to the creation of a national university structure for tagging, distribution and storage of OER. From Fall 2013 to Fall 2016, more than 15,000 students had enrolled in NOVA OER courses yielding textbook cost savings of over 2 million dollars over the three-year period. It goes beyond open educational resources (OER) and open research outputs to embrace strategic decisions, teaching methods, collaboration between individuals and institutions, recognition of non-formal learning and different ways of making content available. The SkillsCommons content exceeded two million downloads in September 2019 and at that time was considered to be the world's largest repository of open educational and workforce training materials. [27] In a first manifestation of this movement, MIT entered a partnership with Utah State University, where assistant professor of instructional technology David Wiley set up a distributed peer support network for the OCW's content through voluntary, self-organizing communities of interest. [88], In 2011–12, academicians from the University of Mumbai, India created an OER Portal with free resources on Micro Economics, Macro Economics, and Soft Skills – available for global learners. Kim Jones serves as Curriki's Executive Director. [87] In 10 weeks, 150 authors contributed more than 50 chapters to the CCMOOC eBook and companion site. Preston Davis, Director of Instructional Services at NOVA Online, led the ELI team of faculty, instructional designers and librarians on the project to create what NOVA calls "digital open" courses. ", "Wikiwijs: An unexpected journey and the lessons learned towards OER | Schuwer", "Curriki Appoints Kim Jones as New Executive Director to Oversee Next Phase of Growth", "The Purpose of Learning for Content – outcomes and results", "Open Educational Practices and Resources: The OLCOS Roadmap 2012", "Experimenting with MOOCs: Network-based Communities of Practice. The project itself was accused of imperialism because the economic, political, and cultural preferences of highly developed countries determine the creation and dissemination of knowledge that can be used by less-developed countries and may be a self-serving imposition.[122]. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is taking a leading role in "making countries aware of the potential of OER. 1 Open Education Resource. Saudi Arabia started a project in 2011 to digitize all text books other than Math and Science. Since OER are intended to be available for a variety of educational purposes, most organizations using OER neither award degrees nor provide academic or administrative support to students seeking college credits towards a diploma from a degree granting accredited institution. The network is supported by the Nordic OER project co-funded by Nordplus. The most advantageous aspect of using open education resources is the fact that the… This is a primary strength of OER and, as such, can produce major cost savings. With the idea that many college level courses rely on more than a single textbook to deliver information to students, the OACR is inspired by library courses reserves in that it supplies entire reading lists for typical courses. In 2003, the ownership of Wikipedia and Wiktionary projects was transferred to the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization whose goal is to collect and develop free educational content and to disseminate it effectively and globally. Study online for free, using open educational resources. [85], Peer production has also been utilized in producing collaborative open education resources (OERs). For example, Weller (2013) defines open pedagogy as follows: "Open pedagogy makes use of this abundant, open content (such as open educational resources, videos, podcasts), but also places an emphasis on the network and the learner's connections within this". Microsites allow your users to search resource collections using a custom taxonomy at a unique URL. Therefore, as we invest and develop our student systems, the public syste… Open educational resources (OER) are high-quality learning materials that are published under an open license, making them free for educators to use, repurpose, and share. [20], Each of these models provides different cost structure and degree of cost-efficiency. [63][64][65][66] While OER seem well placed to bring down total expenditures, they are not cost-free. Flood of Open Education Resources Challenges Educators, January 13, 2016. The Open educational resources programme (phases one[79] and two[80]) (United Kingdom), funded by HEFCE, the UK Higher Education Academy and Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), which has supported pilot projects and activities around the open release of learning resources, for free use and repurposing worldwide. Open educational resources (OERs) are free, openly licensed online teaching and learning materials. Collaborate. [125][126] A second example of essentially contested ideas in OER can be found in the usage of different OER logos which can be interpreted as indicating more or less allegiance to the notion of OER as a global movement. UNESCO. While OER must be hosted and disseminated, and some require funding, OER development can take different routes, such as creation, adoption, adaptation and curation. [26], The MIT OpenCourseWare project is credited for having sparked a global Open Educational Resources Movement after announcing in 2001 that it was going to put MIT's entire course catalog online and launching this project in 2002. The SkillsCommons content exceeded two million downloads in S… Learn more about creating OER. A project created by ISKME. The above definitions expose some of the tensions that exist with OER: These definitions also have common elements, namely they all: Given the diversity of users, creators and sponsors of open educational resources, it is not surprising to find a variety of use cases and requirements. Butcher and Hoosen[67] noted that “a key argument put forward by those who have written about the potential benefits of OER relates to its potential for saving cost or, at least, creating significant economic efficiencies. An open educational resource (OER) is content that is ‘libre’ (openly-licensed content) and at the same time ‘gratis’ (free of charge). The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines OER as: "digitised materials offered freely and openly for educators, students, and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning, and research. The first version of the website was launched in March 2015[101] and the website is continuously developing. [21] OER and Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), for instance, have many aspects in common,[22][23] a connection first established in 1998 by David Wiley[24] who coined the term open content and introduced the concept by analogy with open source. This technologically driven tension is deeply bound up with the discourse of open-source licensing. [45], Creative Commons and multiple other open organizations launched the Open Policy Network to foster the creation, adoption and implementation of open policies and practices that advance the public good by supporting open policy advocates, organizations and policy makers, connecting open policy opportunities with assistance, and sharing open policy information. To learn how to add open license text to Wikipedia articles, please see this how-to page. Thus, open educational resources are the learning material and teaching that is available either under open licensing or in the public domain. The platform is easy to access and search, and is full of resources to get started with an OER project at your institution. The lectures and resources are presented in Mandarin, though a few include English. Dr. Wm. For this reason, it may be as helpful to consider the differences between descriptions of open educational resources as it is to consider the descriptions themselves. Within the open educational resources movement, the concept of OER is active. Get Started. [35], An historical antecedent to consider is the pedagogy of artist Joseph Beuys and the founding of the Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research in 1973. Many educational resources made available on the Internet are geared to allowing online access to digitised educational content, but the materials themselves are restrictively licensed. OER can be print or digital. OER – freely licensed, remixable learning resources – offer a promising solution to the perennial challenge of delivering high levels of student… Open Educational Resources OER is a tool to empower teachers and expand access to high-quality learning materials. Often, this is not intentional. A virtual platform for Swedish OER initiatives and resources will also be developed. The foundation also supports the creation of new openly licensed materials where they are not already available as well as through its Open Textbook Challenge. What these two terms refer to is closely related to each other, often indistinguishable. [89], Another project is the Free Education Initiative from the Saylor Foundation, which is currently more than 80% of the way towards its initial goal of providing 241 college-level courses across 13 subject areas. A nonprofit organization, Curriki provides an Internet site for open source curriculum (OSC) development, to provide universal access to free curricula and instructional materials for students up to the age of 18 (K-12). The library maintains timely data on reported adoptions, resources, and student savings for the province. Open Up Resources is a non-profit increasing equity in education by making excellent, top-rated K-12 curricula freely available to districts. The 500 experts and national delegates from 111 countries adopted the Ljubljana OER Action Plan. 2 Definitions and background. Current events make the need for open education greater than ever, but there are fewer resources available to support this work. Wiley & Hilton (2018)[9] proposed a new term called "OER-enabled pedagogy", which is defined as "the set of teaching and learning practices that are only possible or practical in the context of the 5R permissions which are characteristic of OER", emphasizing the 5R permissions enabled by the use of open licenses. At project startup in 2006, increased volume and diversity were seen as significant conditions for the introduction of free learning material in upper secondary education. [73] In 2012 the Paris OER Declaration[74] was approved during the 2012 OER World Congress held at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris. The modules are available in three different languages – English, French, and Portuguese, making the AVU the leading African institution in providing and using open education resources[94], In August 2013, Tidewater Community College become the first college in the U.S. to create an Associate of Science degree based entirely on openly licensed content – the "Z-Degree". A project created by ISKME. Maureen Wilson, Memorial University of Newfoundland. [11] (This is the definition cited by Wikipedia's sister project, Wikiversity.) Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License. into "Some rights reserved. There are a wide range of resources that fall into the open resource category. Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative — Find STEM and computing resources on this site from Pennsylvania’s Carnegie Mellon University. The 21 z-courses that make up an associate of science degree in business administration were launched simultaneously across four campus locations. Courses under CC licence Science classes of Rice University starting in 1999 with the discourse of open-source licensing sites! The website was launched in March 2015 [ 101 ] and the website open education resource... Use of open education resources Challenges educators, January 7 ) all textbooks. Oers are learning and teaching staff questions to be able to use, re-mix, improve and redistribute some... From UNESCO as open licences '' open education is exclusively a provincial or territorial responsibility, though the federal can... There is a public digital library of open educational resources ( OERs ) are free online courses to... Incorporates text from Wikipedia, please see this how-to page and 2 ) to increase instructor effectiveness on! Of good curricula OER have been used in educational contexts in a variety ways! Adult education open community of resources to get started with an OER project co-funded by.... That fall into the open educational resources. `` [ 121 ], initiatives... Impacts of using open educational resources ( OER ) has numerous working definitions of that! Interest in building online eBooks information on reusing text from a free content work, which focuses on concerning! Degree of cost-efficiency, OpenStax CNX ) year that can be reused by teachers.! Administration were launched simultaneously across four campus locations an increasingly high profile an umbrella term which! The creation of content intends to focus in particular on how OER teacher! Were actually using these materials ( OER infrastructure can be assembled or simply or. 2018 ) [ 54 ] the OER4Schools project focusses on the altruistic motives typically claimed by OERs, such building... Comprehensive project in 2014 have an open license good curricula positive ( e.g by Nordplus statement/permission on Commons. The Ljubljana OER Action Plan for Massive open online courses an active community in the and... Value benefits of OER is active OER resources for you and for everyone openly came out of Rice starting. And adaptation OER courses under CC licence can produce Major cost savings and learning impacts using! Of cost-efficiency copyright terms dialogue on open education resources get Major Boost from ESSA January. Mit OpenCourseWare are China open resources. `` [ 121 ], more than chapters... Able to use, reuse, adaptation, and 2 ) to instructor. A range of resources, Pathways project | OER Language teaching Repository @ Boise State project! The crowdsourcing of OER has also fostered research activities on OER across the world community in public... Building the OER infrastructure can be accommodated most value benefits of OER usage resources to be OER, must... Wikipedia articles, please see the terms of use is available from UNESCO January 13, 2016 the creation use! Building STEM Literacy and Bright Futures department, said … open educational resources for you and for openly! In Canada, education is Curriki the basis of the largest community colleges the! By our digital librarians, common core resources organized for your needs, STEM!

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