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Chinese Restaurant in Modesto Open today until 8:00 PM Call (209) 579-2288 Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp (209) 579-2288 Message (209) 579-2288 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order Plus, the flashcards are paired with written, audio and even video examples of the word in use. You’d use 没 or 没有 along with 过 (guò), in a sentence that’s structured like this: subject + 没(有) Verb + 过. email. She told me that my Chinese was good, and I responded with 哪里哪里 like my textbook said to do. Tags: Chongqing, Travel, Mei you is pronounced “may yo” and in Chinese it means “do not have any.” This was one of the first terms we learned because at every meal the waitress tells you “Mei you” for at least one item you have ordered. Mei banfa is a common expression that reflects the Chinese mentality of accepting hardship as their lot in life. Learning Chinese is a long journey, but if you follow her, you will feel wonderful and happy along the trip. Multiple people on motorcycle in NH “Mei you.” The other thing that I may at this point consider an art is “side saddle.” I am not a fan of motorcycles because they do not provide enough protection between me and the pavement they ride on, but hundreds of women are clearly quite ok with them. 加油 (jiā yóu) — Keep going! Here are some ways to say “Thank you” in a few of the most common Chinese dialects. For example, if someone tells you 你说中文说的很好 (nǐ shuō zhōng wén shuō de hěn hǎo) — you speak Chinese well, it’s considered more polite to turn down the compliment instead of responding with 谢谢 — thank you. My new favorite markets are in Xi’an. When making a comparison within two things, we also use “没有 méiyǒu” or “没 méi” which means “is not as … as.”. To start, there are five major uses of the word 没有 in Chinese: Let’s dive into each meaning a bit deeper! Mei ban fa is the catchall phrase to tell someone to fuck off, i.e. On a daily basis I am counting the people on motorcycles. FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos. 我不吃早饭。 (wǒ bù chī zǎo fàn) — I don’t eat breakfast. We have been in grocery stores all over this country and I would say 90% of them are underground. Use wildcards if you want to match part of a word or individual Pinyin syllables: rest*, zei*, *zei*, *茶, 英*公司, chinese *文 For more search options try an Advanced Search Tip: In the word dictionary, the Chinese sentence lookup can lookup whole Chinese sentences, automatically splitting … However, you can still find 没有 in its full form in these types of sentences, so practice using both. If we are on a four lane road my driver will make a 5th. Fell free to contact me! By the end of it, you’ll be using this fun little phrase in sentences with ease. The resulting program makes Mandarin more accessible to adult learners. In this blog post, I’m going to break down the primary differences between 没有 and 不, plus explain in plain English the five different meanings of the Chinese 没有. If you haven’t been on this website before, you can mouseover the Chinese characters to see how to pronounce them In New Hampshire we do not have split pants. ... (It is commonly used when you disagree with someone's statement or opinion) Keep in mind that if you want to say something hasn’t ever happened before, it’s a little bit different. Actually, the way the Chinese language uses 没有 to make comparisons is quite simple, and I really think we should adopt this sentence structure in English! Traditionally, the phrase 哪里哪里 (nǎ lǐ nǎ lǐ) has been used to deflect compliments. If we are entering the school gate and there is a car in front of us turning into the school as well, my driver will go around them. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. My skype:zhyunjunjj2009 Yahoo messenger:[email protected] ... like if you said mei you that would mean i dont have and bu shi menas no. 他不是医生。 (tā bù shì yī shēng) — He’s not a doctor. It’s like saying “something doesn’t have something else’s blank.”. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. mei you definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. Examples translated by humans: 英语, 从印尼到中国的翻译siauw. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (lit. Look it up now! 我没(有)看这场电影。 (wǒ méi [yǒu] kàn zhè chǎng diàn yǐng) — I haven’t seen this movie/I didn’t see this movie. there’s no matter). I love a vegetable that I ate when I first got here at … Thanks for subscribing! Pollution….Nuff said…we miss the NH blue sky! It’s incorrect because 没 isn’t used with 是. Liz, I have been meaning to comment on this piece… LOVE it!!!! Because Mandarin Chinese does not have one simple way to say ‘no’, a bit of effort is needed to master the negative, particularly with verbs. A: 你唱歌唱得那么好啊!(nǐ chàng gē chàng de nà me hǎo a) — You sing so well! It would be incorrect to say 不有 (bù yǒu). However, if you use this in the 21st century, you’ll often sound old. There is a character called Mei who says lines in Mandarin. When you want to tell someone that you haven’t done something before, use the verb 没有. In Practical Chinese Phrases by Angel Huang April 12, 2016 2 Comments. They ride side saddle everyday on the way to and from work. This can be done in a mall, on a plane, on the sidewalk, in a restaurant, you name it we have seen it everywhere! 我没(有)吃早饭。 (wǒ méi [yǒu] chī zǎo fàn) — I haven’t eaten breakfast/I didn’t eat breakfast. I love a vegetable that I ate when I first got here at a restaurant I have frequented the most. When you want to compare two things or people, you can easily do so by using 没有. Depending on the city some are better than others, but bartering your way through a unique tunnel of one “business” after another with the most unique treasures is a lot of fun. It is my favorite commentary!! Unless it is a country fair or a lobster festival, street food in NH “Mei you.”. Someone told me once that they are following road rules, but the only one that is consistent is that they stop at a red light. Pinyin … They are everywhere, everyday, crossing catwalks, riding escalators, crossing streets, mating in the streets, relaxing in the parks, dogs are almost as numerous as the the people. Great, I love to eat veggies in season, but then take it off your menu or put a little sticker over it! Whether you’re new to Chinese or you’ve been learning it for ages, 没有 (méi yǒu) is a phrase you’ll never stop hearing. You can order your favourite dishes online, over the phone or in person. After a couple of months whenever I order the vegetable they would tell me “Mei you.” Well, this past February the vegetable was back so of course I realize now it is a seasonal vegetable. We don’t have time Wo men mei you shijian (woh-mern may you shr-jee-an) 我们没有时间 . Chinese Characters . Or, like in my case, be laughed at. First of all, when paired with verbs, 不 means you don’t do something whereas 没有 means you haven’t done or didn’t do something. See two examples below. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Right now, the Houghton Family is “Mei You” in NH, but as of June 28 we will be “Mei You” in China! Skype ID your full name. Put together, 没有 means "to not have," "to not be," or "to not exist." Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture Blog, TED talk by Taiwanese dancer Feng-Yi Sheu, refusing to accept compliments is considered polite, conversation I ever had with a native Chinese speaker, Beyond the Basics: All the Different Ways to Say “And” in Chinese, 7 Video Resources for Learning Chinese the Way Natives Use It, An Easier Way to Learn Chinese: Comprehensible Input, 4 Free Online Chinese Lessons and Other Resources That’ll Make Learning a Breeze, Yes, You Can Get Chinese Video with Pinyin Subtitles: 4 Options, To express that something hasn’t happened yet. Although you can use the red buttons to add tone marks, we highly recommend you use the number method (e.g. In Chinese, there are two kinds of comparative sentences: New Hampshire has them, but they are not parked one after the other in my neighborhood. Mei Mei Chinese Restaurant. If someone from this country came to NH and drove as they drive here they wouldn’t last three miles without getting pulled over. Email a valid email. Mei Mei Chinese Restaurant. The verb 是 (shì) means “to be,” and is always negated by 不. You have wrapped up your China experience into one emotional descriptive narrative. There are two ways to say ‘no’ in Chinese: 没有 (méiyŏu) and 不 (bù). Our fifth and final use of 没有 is to deflect compliments. ( Log Out /  The colors, sounds and smells fill you with sensory overload, but with each stall it is ever more the challenge to get what you want for the price you want. Luckily I guess they use their horns defensively, so they are always honking and warning hello that they are cutting each other off! Look up the Chinese to English translation of hài méi in the PONS online dictionary. The voice line Mei recites in Chinese at Volskaya Industries and Nepal is an excerpt taken from "A Song of White Snow in Farewell to Secretary Wu Going Home" by Cen Shen, a Tang Dynasty poet. 我还没(有)想好。 (wǒ hái méi [yǒu] xiǎng hǎo) — I still haven’t made up my mind. 你没有我高。 (nǐ méi yǒu wǒ gāo) — You aren’t as tall as me. Your Chinese Family Restaurant in Winkler. We recommend placing take-out orders ahead of time, especially for supper orders on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Country pick one! In the beginner stages, many learners confuse 没有 with 不 (bù), the Chinese word that means “no” or “not.”. wǒ méi yǒu / méi qián 。 我 没 有 / 没 钱 。 I don't have any money. ( Log Out /  Literally, the phrase means “to not have,” but it can also negate sentences similar to the way 不 does. Can you spot it? Modern Chinese history has been filled with tragedy, famine and generally not such fun times. 我没有他中文说得那么好。 (wǒ méi yǒu tā zhōng wén shuō de nà me hǎo) — I don’t speak Chinese as well as him. I still haven’t heard the exact reason, but I am thinking cheaper rent and less cost for AC. Please check your email for further instructions. 没mei is the negation word that negates the verb 有you. © 2021 Enux Education Limited. With practice, you’ll get it soon enough. If we approach a stop sign and one car is already at the stop, my driver will drive right around them and keep going. In New Hampshire we use diapers, spilt pants “Mei you.”, In New Hampshire it is illegal to have three or four people on a motorcycle. Change ). I'd like you to help me with the speaking and the pronunciation. I’m not sure if this is an amazing talent or a form of live art, but they certainly have it down to a science . 我不是学生。 (wǒ bù shì xué shēng) — I’m not a student. To create this kind of sentence, use the structure subject + 没(有) + verb. You take a slanted moving flat escalator like the moving walkways in airports, but they are slanted so you go underground. Think of 不 as being used to describe habits. Grocery stores underground. The second character 有 (yǒu) is the verb for to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be. In this case, you never use the word 没有 to negate a sentence. Click here to get a copy. in The countdown has started In this article, unless otherwise noted, the traditional character will follow its simplified form if it is different. by nhmominchina The first thing you should know if you are considering Mei for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Mei is a girl name. The first conversation I ever had with a native Chinese speaker was with a tutor on italki. It literally means “where, where.”.

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