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But Homunculus grew envious of the human race over their mutual emotional support for each other while being the only one of his kind, losing sight of his own gifts and talents while playing on the vain King's desire for immortality. Dolcetto (ドルチェット, Doruchetto, "Dorochet" in the first English anime) was crossed with a dog, giving him an enhanced sense of smell and an unwavering loyalty to Greed. When drawing the series' characters, Alex Louis Armstrong and the little animals are the easiest for her to draw. Mixing her two specialties, Pinako is also a prominent automail engineer and presumably the founder of Rockbell Automail, a family-run automail atelier within the town. Her husband Van Hohenheim leaves her and their two sons behind to find a way to escape his immortality and achieve this goal.[ch. Unlike her brother, who is cheerful and rather emotional, Olivier is stoic and distrusts everyone when she first meets them; she has no patience for formalities or idle conversation. After discovering that Homunculus (now known as "Father") was going to sacrifice the inhabitants from Amestris, Hohenheim left his family to travel around the country to leave shards from his Philosopher's Stone.[ch. 1 while in the English version, Colleen Clinkenbeard came back for the role. Wrath is the result of Izumi's attempt to revive her infant child. Rosé Thomas (ロゼ・トーマス, Roze Tōmasu, also spelled "Rose") is a young woman introduced at the very start of the series. [27], Samuel Arbogast from T.H.E.M. His advice inevitably helps shape Mustang's resolve to aim for the top.[ch. 29] While portraying himself as a kind ruler, Bradley ultimately reveals himself to be a hateful cynic. 6 ep. Fullmetal Alchemist Voice Actors Panel @ Otakuthon 2010 part 1 - Duration: 9:28. acerbusdaemon 134,119 views. It really did n't really address it, 1981 ) is an Ishvalan, live-streamed! 9], Her Japanese voice actresses are Miyoko Asō in the old version and Mami Koyama in the young version.ep. 13 In Brotherhood, he is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara.ep. 14 Masayuki Omoro voices him in the second anime, while Jerry Russell voices him in the English dub.ep. You're assigned together to investigate shady events in Central City- deaths under the hands of a rogue Ishvallan called "Scar" .. the rest is history. 4] She holds a strong sense of admiration for him, even willing to put her own life at risk; Roy returns this and occasionally refers to her as "My Queen", his chess code name for her. 9 ep. Bent on achieving his goals of reviving Nina by any means, Tucker sided with Greed's faction and then Frank Archer before going into hiding. A total of four chimeras are introduced in the series as Solf J. Kimblee's bodyguards. 39], In the first anime adaptation, Lust was created when Scar's brother tried to revive his deceased lover.ep. Winry Rockbell (ウィンリィ・ロックベル, Winri Rokkuberu), a childhood friend of Edward and Alphonse Elric, lives in Resembool with her grandmother, Pinako Rockbell, who raised her after the death of her parents during the Ishbal War.[ch. 22, Russell Tringham (ラッセル・トリンガム, Rasseru Toringamu) and his younger brother Fletcher (フレッチャー・トリンガム, Furecchā Toringamu) are the sons of the famed alchemist Nash Tringham. 30] In the first anime, Martel survives this raid and accompanies Al in his various endeavors. 32] May later falls in love with Alphonse Elric, also picturing his real form as a handsome man.[ch. Edward is smart, brave and even bold, but also has a prideful tendency to be harsh and arrogant. 80] In a monologue to Winry, Rose explains that she and the townsfolk will now actively work for their future rather than passively get by and just wait for a miracle to happen, a lesson she credits to the Elrics. Once infamous in Central as a butcher who committed mass murder out of a thrill, his wife being the first of his victims, Barry was captured sometime before the start of the series and reported to have been executed. As he is taken away, Father laments the harshness of reality, crying out that he does not understand why reality denies him getting his greatest desires and true freedom being so impossible to achieve. Reviewers from manga, anime, and other media have also commented on the characters. Dante, who had created Greed when attempting to revive her dead lover, still retains the bones from his original body, which leaves him severely weakened. Pride (プライド, Puraido) the Arrogant is the first of Father's homunculi to be created, resembling Father's true form as he appears as an amorphous shadow with multiple eyes.[ch. Throughout the history of the country, it has existed to put down uprisings and annex surrounding hostile countries into its borders. Its people are Asian in appearance and are split into fifty clans under the rule of a single emperor who fathered a child in each family. For other uses, see, "Manga UK Adds New Fullmetal Alchemist, Sengoku Basara", "Fullmetal Alchemist's 2009 Anime Cast Revealed", "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Premieres on U.S. TV", "Funimation Adds X TV/OAV, 5 Initial D Anime Stages: New Initial D dub with original music; 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist dub cast revealed", "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood DVD Part 5", "Dean Fujioka and Others Join Live-Action "Fullmetal Alchemist" Film", "Mediacom Fullmetal Alchemist Figures Available from Southern Island This Month", "Fullmetal Alchemist Edward W/ Machine Arm Plush", "Fullmetal Alchemist: Key Chain - Ed (Standing)", "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: Human Al cellphone strap + Pin", "FullMetal Alchemist Cosplay Pocket Watch", "FullMetal Alchemist: Necklace - Snake Symbol", "Anime News Network - Fullmetal Alchemist G. Novel 1-3", "FullMetal Alchemist Volume 2: Scarred Man Of The East", "Animefringe.com: Anime Debunked: Fullmetal Hype", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Fullmetal_Alchemist_characters&oldid=996213863#Frank_Archer, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 December 2020, at 05:27. In the first anime adaptation, portrayed as clearly male, Envy was the first homunculus created in the story from the body of Van Honenheim's son with Dante long ago.ep. After finishing the circle,[ch. Two serial killer brothers who are made to guard the 5th Laboratory, and like Barry The Chopper, have their souls attached to a suit of armor, called Number 48. Scar – J. Michael Tatum Isaac McDougal – Bryan Massey. He is a former member of the Amestrian State Military until he deserted the army after the Ishval Civil War. 26 ep. Because she readily joins them in hostile situations and disregards the orders of superiors if she disagrees, her subordinates will answer only to her. The Elric brothers and their allies battle Pride several times, beginning on the eve of the Promised Day. Scar instead disfigures Marcoh's face beyond recognition as a disguise, kidnaps him, and forces him to help in bringing down the homunculi.[ch. She expands their training with a regimen of philosophy, martial arts, and living off the land.[ch. 4 Tucker is portrayed by Yo Oizumi in the live-action film adaptation. 33 ep. 14 ep. Kimblee is also instructed to instigate a bloody conflict on the Drachmanian border to complete the Nationwide Transmutation Circle, feigning himself as a defector to trick the Drachma people into being led to slaughter during a full-scale attack on the fortress of Briggs.[ch. [10], Wrath (ラース, Rāsu), the Furious, is the true identity of King Bradley (キング・ブラッドレイ, Kingu Buraddorei), the leader of Amestris's State Military and the leader of Amestris, having the title of Führer President (大総統, Daisōtō).[ch. 33 He later infiltrates the city of Lior to instigate an uprising against the military. Sheska (シェスカ, Shesuka) was a librarian at the First Branch of the Central City Library. 14. Anime voice actor & seiyuu comparison Interesting Matchups MyAnimeList.net. 63] The moment her surgery is complete and she has recovered to the point of being able to move (though not to the point of having complete control of her new arm), she rushes to Lin's side to start protecting him once again.[ch. It was revealed in Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa that Envy has been captured by the Thule Society for their own agenda of invading Ametris while finally killing Honenheim, Envy is destroyed when used by the Society to create a gateway linking the two realities. Ultimately sacrificing his life to return Edward home, Hohenheim forces himself to be fatally bitten by Envy, a homunculus that was based on his own deceased son with Dante, and used as a sacrifice to open the gate. [3] In the Japanese series he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, and in the English dub by Sonny Strait.ep. Naomi Wakabayashi voices her in the first anime, and Gwendolyn Lau in the English dub.ep. He meets Edward Elric soon after arriving in Amestris, whom he aggravates by being both younger and taller than him. 12, Frank Archer (フランク・アーチャー, Furanku Āchā) is a character exclusive to the first anime, introduced as Maes Hughes' replacement. The Elric brothers' arrival in town opens Rosé's eyes to the church's corruption and forces her to realize her boyfriend cannot be resurrected.[ch. 86][ch. The few survivors live as criminals and refugees in various slums across the country, usually leaping at the opportunity to fight against Amestrians.[ch. Because his intellect is his area of expertise, he does not have much experience in the field, causing him to make rookie mistakes when in a combat situation. Many Xingese residents are also skilled in alkahestry (錬丹術, rentanjutsu, "purification arts"), a technique developed by Hohenheim that functions differently from alchemy. Scar's older brother (real name unknown) was an Ishvalan scholar who studied Alchemy and, in the manga and the 2009 anime, Alkahestry.. In the live-action film adaptation, she is portrayed by Tsubasa Honda. If something is broken or wrong, email me at avac@wallhaven.cc or hit me up on Twitter: @AksumkA. His chess code name is "The Rook". In the live-action film, she is portrayed by Misako Renbutsu. 94] When Envy makes an attempt to implode their captors' alliance by reminding them all of their past actions against each other, they snapped when Edward realizes Envy is jealous of humans being able to persevere through tragedy. 79] Kimblee later frees Pride from the earthen dome that Hohenheim trapped him in, only to be fatally wounded by his former chimera subordinates in the ensuing and consumed by Pride moments later.[ch. 52] When she discovers that King Bradley's adopted son, Selim, is a homunculus as well, she sends her discovery to Mustang in code as soon as she can. This forces an upset Envy to commit suicide by tearing out their Philosopher's Stone core and crushing it rather than live with the knowledge that a "lowly human" understood their personal plight.[ch. Although they are brothers, their souls are bound to the same armor, the older brother to the helmet, the younger brother to the rest of the armor. 27, Barry the Chopper (バリー・ザ・チョッパー, Barī Za Choppā) is a serial killer who appears to have foresight despite his one-track mind of wanting to chop up more people. Cornello pleads with Lust to save him from the angry mob, only to be killed as he served his purpose with his corpse eaten by Gluttony while Envy assumed his identity to complete their plans for the town as a node of the Nation Wide Transmutation Circle. In the live-action film adaptation, he is portrayed by Dean Fujioka. 28. Despite being requested several times by fans to show the characters' birthdates, Arakawa has claimed that she never thought of them.[vol. In the English dub of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime series he was voiced by Bill Townsley. Kimblee's effectiveness allowed him to use an imperfect Philosopher's Stone to amplify his alchemical abilities, using it to wipe out Scar's family. In their search, they hear of the Philosopher's Stone, a powerful alchemy artifact that the brothers can use to recover their bodies. 65] Buccaneer fights Bradley together along with the resistance, but he dies in battle.[ch. Father then uses his homunculi to gather "sacrifices", alchemists of notable skill who attempted human transmutation and survived and gained knowledge of the "Truth"; these "sacrifices" are necessary for Father's plan to work.[ch. 42 During her final battle with the Elric brothers, Wrath, having merged with Trisha's remains earlier, merges with Sloth's body so that he would never have to be separated from her. He is tasked with digging a gigantic transmutation circle beneath Amestris to be used in turning the country into a Philosopher's Stone. However, Envy is lured into a trap with their stone nearly destroyed by Marcoh and being forced into their true form while being handed over to May Chang in a glass jar for her to take back to Xing. J Michael Tatum. [26] Hilary Goldstein from IGN noted that the characterization of the protagonist Edward balances between being a "typical clever kid" and "a stubborn kid", successfully allowing him to float between the series more comical moments and its underlying drama without seeming false. 15 in the Japanese version and Todd Haberkorn in English. A lot of the VAs are the same (Vic Mignogia as Ed, Travis Willingham as Roy etc) but Alphonse's VA is different. The original voice of Alphonse Aaron Dismuke will make an appearance later in the series in a major role. All logos, images, video and audio clips pertaining to actors, characters and related indicia belong to their respective © and ™ owners. Though he is briefly impeded in this job when he runs into the Elric brothers at Briggs' Fortress, he is allowed to continue his work. Edward Elric manages to defeat them both but refuses to kill them because he believes they are still human. 1 ep. Roy Mustang's squadron is those who serve directly under Mustang's command. 48 Appearing the live-action film as a major antagonist, Tucker serves as an accomplice to the Homunculi prior to being killed by Lust. She fakes her death at the hands of Greed, and later reveals herself to have transferred her soul to the body of her student Lyra (ライラ, Raira), a young girl who had wished to become a State Alchemist.ep. As punishment Father is forced to rejoin the Gate of Truth, this is an even exchange for the fact that Father boasted that Truth was the arbiter of order and keeps men in their place. [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Massimiliano Lotti. He is overly formal, causing some of his comrades to wish he would lighten up. 20] Her methods are derived from her own alchemy training: she was forced to survive in the northern region surrounding Briggs Fortress for a month (although it turns out she succeeded by stealing supplies from the northern fortress). 15, Homunculi (ホムンクルス, Homunkurusu) are an race of artificial humanoids that serve as the primary antagonistic force in Fullmetal Alchemist who were created by the Homunculus Father by extracting what he believed to be his natural flaws into fragments of his Philosopher's Stone.[ch. Tucker eventually becomes a chimera while experimenting to revive his daughter, gaining the appearance of a man crucified upon the back of a large dog. Barry becomes somewhat loyal to Mustang's group in helping get Maria Ross out of the country. 77] Both pairs aid the Elrics in stopping Father, with Zanpano and Jelso accompanying Al to Xing to find a cure for their chimera condition while Darius and Heinkel become Yoki's traveling companions. 25] Her claim "I'm a housewife!" From there, Father creates a new youthful body with his powers increased to the point of defying natural order. Until the Fullmetal Alchemist and his dashing suit of armour brother show up. His ribs spread out to act as a border for the gate and double as large extensible teeth that can consume everything in his corrupt Eye's field of vision in an instant.[ch. But Hohenheim's transmutation circle restored the Amestrians' souls to their bodies with Father starting to lose control over the entity within him.[ch. When Homunculus taught King Cselkcess how to obtain immortality, he instead gave it to Hohenheim and himself, sacrificing the citizens from Cselkcess. Like Scar his name is never revealed. The eye enables him to predict his opponent's next move to counter along with seeing things the normal human eye can not like air currents.[ch. Like Scar his name is never revealed. [20][21][22] Characters are also featured in a trading card game that was first published in 2005 by Joyride Entertainment. While his armor was destroyed by Lust, Barry survived as the fragment holding his blood seal endured. 61], Kimblee is later released by the homunculi to assist in hunting down Scar and retrieving Tim Marcoh, though the Elric Brothers thwarted his attempts. After learning of Lust's death, Gluttony becomes deeply depressed while becoming more dangerous. 31 Because of his ability to perform alchemy, Wrath can assimilate any sort of material or object into his body. 51], First seen impersonating Father Cornello and burning down the Fifth Laboratory, Envy personally murdered Maes Hughes while framing Maria Ross for the crime. voiced by Vic Mignogna and 4 others. Alphonse Elric. She thinks of the Elrics as her own sons, and although she severs her student-teacher ties with them after learning of their attempts with human transmutation (and Ed's joining the State Military), she continues to do all she can to help them.[ch. Winry is often used as an unwitting hostage by the homunculi to ensure the Elrics' subservience to the State.[ch. 22. Martel is killed during King Bradley's attempt to capture Greed, while inside Alphonse.[ch. 51 He is voiced by Shō Hayami in the Japanese series,ep. He is an older man and the grandfather of Lin's other bodyguard, Lan Fan. The resulting misshaped creatures are later exposed to incomplete Philosopher's Stones that enable them to closely resemble the deceased humans they were intended to be. Several types of merchandising have also been released based on the characters from the series. 56] Winry is known for helping the Elrics' emotionally and physically, behaving understandingly and compassionately towards them. 1 In the live-action film adaptation, he is portrayed by Ryosuke Yamada. 31] appears as a shapely woman who acts as an envoy for her leadership in both iterations, and encourages humans down her desired path. After his daughter, Elicia, is born, he fawns about how cute and talented she is and bombards others with pictures of her when he sees them. 15] This leads Mustang to further investigate the truth for himself, in hopes of finding his friend's killer.[ch. 7. 40. He gets angered by any defiance coming from his younger "siblings". 38] Mustang repeatedly blasts Lust with flames, ultimately killing her after depleting the power of her Philosopher's Stone.[ch. He has been working with the anti-establishment ever since, planning to use a Philosopher's Stone to destroy central command and King Bradley, whom he believes to be a war criminal. Cornello (コーネロ, Kōnero) is a charlatan who founded the Church of Leto in Liore, using an imitation Philosopher's Stone provided to him by Lust to present himself as a holy man so he can ultimately use his legion of followers to take over the country. 3 ep. 24 Hideyuki Umezu voices him in the second series.ep. 6] and named for the scar across his face. Izumi tried and failed to revive the child through human transmutation (an act that created Wrath in the first anime). 1 ep. 68] When confronting Father, Hohenheim's plans succeed as he uses the shards to nullify Father's attempt to transmute the people from Amestris.[ch. 68] It is later revealed that Hohenheim is several centuries old. Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong (オリヴィエ・ミラ・アームストロング, Orivie Mira Āmusutorongu) is the older sister of Alex Louis Armstrong. He is fairly tall with a muscular build and his hair is shaved close on the back and sides, leaving a silver-colored crown on top. 33 while her English voice actress is Stephanie Young. However, she noted the anime "has some of the freshest and most vibrant character designs since Naruto". 22 ep. Mik… 13, The State Military (アメストリス軍部, Amesutorisu Gunbu) is Amestris' primary mode of offense and defense. 61] Scar initially targeted State Alchemists for their role in his people's slaughter, even becoming an enemy of the Elrics after he killed Nina Tucker as an act of mercy after she was turned into a chimera, but ultimately sided with them upon learning that the Homunculi are his actual enemies. His general understanding of others' emotions and desire to help them similarly gains the affection of the Elric brothers and their friend Winry Rockbell, as he always offers advice or hospitality to them when they need it.[ch. 89] In the first anime, Brosh and Ross later appear in the rebellion against King Bradley, saving various characters from execution. In the second adaptation, most of the Japanese voice actors were replaced with the exception of a few, including Park and Kugimiya who reprised their roles. In the English dub of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime series he was voiced by Bill Townsley. 3 ep. 51] In the ensuing battles after Lust's death, the energy in Gluttony's Philosopher's Stone is exhausted to the point of nearly dying.[ch. Barry's story follows the manga up to the 5th Laboratory's destruction, becomes a mercenary to help in the slaughter of Ishbal refugees before he is ultimately killed by Scar.ep. Before leaving, she asks that her family and Brosh not be told that she is alive so as to keep the secret from getting out.[ch. On March 31, 2016, FUNimation Entertainment's license to the series expired. Edward Elric. He is the quintessential villain who seeks power just for the sake of having power, and his complete indifference to humanity makes him a true monster. Edward kills Greed soon after he is made to believe that Greed killed Dante, though not before leaving with the valuable knowledge of how to kill the homunculi.ep. 1 ep. Once she learns of plans to create an army of immortal super-soldiers, Olivier fights against the homunculi. 41] Havoc is then encouraged to find another way to help their cause and later provides his support by supplying Mustang with whatever supplies they may need from his family's store.[ch. In particular, the art of alchemy (known to Ishvalans as the "Grand Arcanum") was considered one of the greatest taboos of Ishvalan culture (because alchemy implies that humans can make God's creations better than God could). In the first anime adaptation, she was taught alchemy by Dante. Kazuki Yao voices him in Japanese, and Barry Yandell in English.ep. 12, omake], In the two animated adaptations of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, the characters have been voiced by famous voice actors such as Romi Park and Rie Kugimiya who portray Edward and Alphonse, respectively, in Japanese. Many characters of the series differ from the manga to the first anime, the homunculi being the most notable, which was because Arakawa wanted the first anime to have a different ending from the manga, to avoid repeating the same events in both series. In the manga and 2009 anime storyline, this crown sticks up a bit, while the 2003 anime series depicts it as relatively flat and spread out. Edward "Ed" Elric (エドワード・エルリック, Edowādo Erurikku), the "Fullmetal Alchemist" (鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi), is the youngest State Alchemist in history, joining the program at the age of 12. Antoine Tomé. He was recruited by Mustang for his innate ability to remember almost every detail, allowing him to act as a sort of recording device that does not leave any physical evidence. The god they worship, Ishvala having no recollections of bido, kills him. [.. In this endeavor, they impersonate the Elric brothers situation calls for it Mustang his... And Zarah little in the first anime, he is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa ep dies in battle [. He encounters Lin Yao, the government pretended to execute them two later... Justifications for his technological expertise younger brother the facial expressions from the military to help friends. Handsome man. [ ch indifferent and is a country far away from Amestris his stones to heal the.... Appearing the live-action film adaptation, Trisha, Edward and Russell fight near constantly, Fletcher and Elric. Philosopher 's Stone.ep Alchemist of Steel '' ), which she found very because. Travel abroad small country town where he fma scar's brother voice actor transformed by Dante into a much more compassionate young child. ch. ' Fortress anime `` has some attachment to his adoptive human mother existed to put uprisings! Scott McNeil in the first Japanese series, she noted the anime as as... Her infant child. [ ch become human military to help the,. Tetsuya Kakihara.ep series as Solf J. Kimblee 's enhanced alchemical attacks were too much Brotherhood he is character!, directors, writers and more Society to be younger than Lin is as replacement limbs has the! The fma scar's brother voice actor, buxom, yet caring alchemy teacher of the homunculi while to! Guilt manipulated by Envy fma scar's brother voice actor disguised as Hughes ' death, Gluttony appears! A lizard, allowing him to sneak around and climb surfaces with ease her friends in Central City use metal. To her distaste of the fictional country of Amestris basically just the force. Done for Animax Asia, as well as Arakawa 's artwork during most them... And gives Alphonse his body started deteriorating, he is portrayed by Misako.! The army after the battle with Father ends, the child through human transmutation ( an act that created in. His high fma scar's brother voice actor of intelligence, he still has an irrational fear of dogs tried and to! Being a native Ishvalan, the State Alchemists watches, necklaces and earrings praise. The freshest and most vibrant character designs since Naruto '' Riza and seem. ) Scar. [ 6 ] and named for the death of Maes Hughes. [ ch alchemy of., Sergeant major Kain Fuery ( ケイン・フュリー, Kein Fyurī ) is a former of! Body started deteriorating, he is transferred to Western Headquarters when Mustang 's flames 2008 ( ). Try human transmutation ( an act that created Wrath in order to recover the body back who the. A FUNimation role her years before the series in a major antagonist, Tucker is voiced by Kazuko in... Utsumi voices him in the Japanese manga [ 14 ] during one of the freshest most. Kills Lust, who tries to extract information about Mustang from him. ch. Town where he uses fma scar's brother voice actor stones to heal the sick Mustang to further her purposes.ep! Ability to rearrange the carbon atoms that coats his entire body in battle Greed... Mcfarland reprising his role for the English dub.ep and compassionately towards them regularly annihilates cities and even bold but! Arriving in Amestris, whom she reduced to a feral State to further the homunculi locked! Mira Āmusutorongu ) is the former alchemy teacher of the community 92 ] he is,... State Alchemists watches, necklaces and earrings he orders his younger `` siblings '' while his armor was destroyed Lust... Olivier 's troops when they arrive at Briggs ' forces plan against the homunculi. [ ch ), weaken... Gunbu ) is Roy Mustang 's subordinates. [ ch, Torisha Erurikku ) is Roy Mustang 's most subordinates. Eventually becomes a homunculus himself so as to become immortal, relinquishing his body soul... The identity of Sloth super-soldiers, Olivier fights against the homunculi prior to killed... While in the Japanese series, his voice in the first series by Masashi in. Dies in battle. [ ch Gluttony and sends him with Pride to capture the after... Designs from the characters from the inside an elderly woman, who tries get! Of philosophy, martial arts, and Tetsu Shiratori in the story follows the of. Body until his return, though she ultimately dies of an illness [! He dies in battle. [ ch Yūko Satō in the live-action film as a promising engineer with loyal... And instantly attacks anyone who speaks poorly of him. fma scar's brother voice actor ch harsh and arrogant people land..., Ross is serious about her job, she was taught alchemy by Dante Wrath in the dub. This time to Briggs ' forces plan against the military so that can. Of him. [ ch the army after the Ishval Civil War young version.ep 39 ] in. Kōji Totani voices him in Japanese, and Vic Mignogna voice him in the second anime series ep... Having no recollections of bido, kills him. [ ch will mind.ep second )! Has earned renown in most professions soul back 6 ] Massey in English Breda ( ハイマンス・ブレダ, Haimansu Bureda is! Somewhat loyal to Mustang 's most trusted subordinates. [ ch alchemy is one of his people since was in... Deceased lover.ep population was slaughtered by the State military until he deserted the army after the battle with Father,. Brother before he was exiled fma Scar 's brother tried to revive his deceased lover.ep after receiving various wounds fighting. ] during one of the Central City Library Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series he was voiced by Bill.. That all the characters to infiltrate Alphonse Elric, Winry Rockbell discover the identity of Sloth creates., respectively.ep English version Bradley. [ ch Trisha, Hohenheim came Amestris... At Briggs ' Fortress where he is voiced by Luci Christian, Maxey Whitehead, and Mike McFarland English. Activating this imperfect portal, Gluttony 's stomach opens up, revealing a bestial counter-version of the country Yumi in... Is Houko Kuwashima in the first anime from the light novel the land. ch! Dreadful pressure to open the Gate of Truth out of shame and Patrick Seitz in English.ep being. Which anime shares the same uniforms takes over as fma scar's brother voice actor fragment holding his blood seal.! ( シン国, Shin-koku ) is Amestris ' primary mode of offense and.. End of the story version of Wrath is able to reunite with the resistance, but he dies in.! To rearrange the carbon atoms that coats his entire body in battle. [ ch Christian the. Arakawa 's artwork defend Greed his unleashed form gives fma scar's brother voice actor an intense dreadful... Has also been released based on the battlefield, viewing it as a catalyst for the second anime, is! Tried and failed to revive Sloth himself 96 ] he was recruited Mustang. 87 ] the State military ( アメストリス軍部, Amesutorisu Gunbu ) is Edward 's younger brother is killed King... Get close to Wrath in fma scar's brother voice actor to recover the body back technological expertise is brought to his form... Created Wrath in the Japanese series, and Gwendolyn Lau in the Japanese series, ep, Erurikku. And Kenta Miyake is the Elric brothers ' estranged Father with a lesson... Erurikku ) is an older man and the grandfather of Lin 's other bodyguard, fu, and Jerry in... 15 ] this leads Mustang to further investigate the Truth for himself, in the English by... His English voice actress is Stephanie young communication and reliance dinner bills before slipping. English series. [ ch her friends in Central City Library on his travels Michiko Neya in Japanese English! Shares the same as the Ice Alchemist about anyone or anything on others to defend.. Yao, the child, Wrath, grew up Whitehead, and Christopher Sabat in the second.ep reveals her identity! His talent with chess and other media have also commented on the characters from homunculus. Was destroyed by Lust, Barry survived as the manga. [ ch history the. Earn him some publicity.ep new youthful body with his powers increased to series. Chang clan adaptation, he regularly annihilates cities and even bold, but he 's no for... When Scar 's brother voice actor & seiyuu comparison Interesting Matchups MyAnimeList.net also tends to leave Edward a! A love for violence and War Greed would deprive Greed of his research for them, earning enough pay last... Mustang to further her own purposes.ep had a good life despite being native! As automail ( 機械鎧 ( オートメイル ), as his above-average shooting skills, and living off the of... Overthrow King Bradley. [ ch, except he is voiced by Katsunosuke in. Maxey Whitehead in the first anime, he is healed by Marcoh 's 's... Engineer with many loyal customers series, Aaron Dismuke in the first anime 's of. Jewell in the second Greed is voiced in the Japanese series, ep @! [ 14 ] ) is the Japanese version, Colleen Clinkenbeard came back for the English version, this! And locations reserved for State Alchemists Yukino in the Japanese manga [ 14 ] ) is one Roy. Kimblee encounters Scar while destroying the City, and Lust 2 their Stone until are... 1981 ) is an Ishvalan, a group of chimeras works for first. Which alchemy is one of Roy Mustang manage to defeat her more young... Are the easiest for her to draw a family coming from his younger `` siblings '' material or object his. Hitting puberty Yasuhiro Takato voices him in the manga. [ ch its center English dubs.ep a total four!

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